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Published on July 08, 2020 (Updated on July 10, 2020)

Infinite Ocean (Survival)

Do you want a challenge? Well, you're in a right map. This is the Infinite Ocean (Survival Map). All you can just see is Ocean. But don't worry, there is still structures here like Villages,Pillager Outposts, Stronghold, etc. Just Survive and Kill the Dragon!

This map is for those who want a challenge, something like Skyblock.

You will spawn here:

With a Starter Chest:

 You can also get random items by fishing.

Loots:.    (Credits to the owner of this picture)

There is a starter chest for you. Use it for you to Survive.

Don't worry, there is still Structures here like Villages

I used some addons here and I just want to credit them:

> Vanilla Tweaks by ItzGamerBonez

>  Infinite Ocean Addon by IhateGravel

>  BR Fishing Overhaul by Chegs

Check their addons here in mcpedl

Select version for changelog:


•Added Tree

•Changed some items in the Starter Chests

•Added .mcworld


I used here, don't click any ads.If they want you to allow dont click it, click the "block".

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Can you pls add 1.14 version on this mod pls
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The download link is broken for me can u pls fix it asap.
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Hi! I think you dont know me, but im a friend of AJ(lilcraft), can i distribute this to my youtube channel? And have a gameplay on it? If yes thank you!
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why it dosent work on mcworld it says level failed
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Ummmm, I added a .mcworld Download .

I am just waiting it to be approved
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It says level import failed
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i cant dowload it from rainboco (adfly) it says your website was blocked for unwanted content
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Don't be a bad person and put 5 stars idiot
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is there the End?
So can you beat the game?
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Yep,there is an End and Nether Dimension.
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It is a zip file, you need to unzip it first.
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How do you do that?
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