Published on June 10, 2019 (Updated on June 12, 2019)

Infinity Artifacts Addon

This add-on adds 6 new items in the game, the Infinity Artifacts inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Each item has specific powers that you can use by sneaking whereas you hold one or interacting with other mobs.

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Thanks to a comment, I realized that I made a mistake : I wrote "artefact" instead of "artifact" , everywhere. So, I fixed it.

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I like the tesseract texture
Can you add a function that make so you can craft the artifacts into infinity stones and then smelt a gold block in a BLAST FURNACE to get the infinity guantlet and then you can combine it with all the stones in a crafting table to get the infinity guantlet.
Update this it dosen't work on the most up to date version
Coll concept, Seems pretty awesome, but I couldn't actually get it working. The items just don't appear. Any suggestions on what to do? Does it only work on a previous version?
Poderia adicionar poderes ao cetro de loki e poderia ter como colocar na outra mão, ajudaria demais
Podia adicionar alguma habilidade a mais para o cetro de loki, tipo: dar invisibilidade talvez (igual intangibilidade)
The addon doesnt work, you can only reverse time and accelerate time with mobs and you cant actually tame or trade plz fix
Awesome love it waiting for updates
Im On 1.12 it does not work
in the description of the mod it says harness the power of all the infinity artifacts AND the infinity gauntlet but i dont see no infinity gauntlet plz add it because i need more infinity gauntlet mods :>
This breaks wolfs so you can not tame them.
Is loki's scepter the mind stone? But if it is the space stone (because it was like that), can you make a way that if we kill a blaze by making it touch water (or just killing it at least if you could), we will get the mind stone? Or to craft a blaze rod into the mind stone (if you could I am just asking if it is ok).
In the scepter, there is the mind stone.
I downloaded this, thinking it would be awesome. And, from what I have seen here, it is awesome, but I can’t actually use it. Because IOS doesn’t support beta ?
I cant tame a dog or trade with a villager because it says grow and shrink
You can use the command: give @s infinity:ether,morag orb,scepter,eye_of_agamotto,tesseract or soul stone