Published on April 20, 2019 (Updated on November 09, 2019)

LloydNya's Food Addon (1.13+ Only)

This addon adds 66 new items in Minecraft, which you can obtain by smelting, crafting or killing vanilla mobs. There are candies, meats and salty dishes. There are also items that you can't eat but they are necessary to craft some foods.

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I have changed the download links for the files and the storage site, which is better.

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due to this guys awful and scammy links that sometimes even refuse to work heres a direct link .(.com goes here)/file/cf1x2unrobfgx49/LloydNya%2527s_Food_Addon_%255BA%255D_V4.mcaddon/file
I really like this addon but somehow there is no eating animation and no sound... Therefore eating the new food is far less satisfying as eating vanilla food...
This bug only appears on my server, not in singleplayer...
I try download the mod but it doesn't work...
Never mind I managed to download it.
Am I allowed to use some of your textures in my own addon?
Sorry when you click on the link, it won't let me download it, I used to have it, but I had an error and I lost all my worlds and mods and I try to recover them because it is very dangerous and virus was installed
......I didn't see your link,I wasted my time.......
YOU SAVED US! Thank you so much
thank you!!
Could you please change the link back, I can't install
I already had this add-on and it stopped working then I came back on here to download it again but you changed the link and now I can’t get it again if you could please change this link back to add-fly that would be amazing I really loved this pack because it’s lots of fun to play with. please if you could change the link back that would be awesome.
This Add-On Is Very Good Full of Foods, But, How Do I Make Burguer Bottom Bun? (It's because the recipe doesn't come in
The mod itself was perfect! I love it! Thank you so much!

However, there were lots of ads (around 8?) and when I clicked a button to go forward with the process it would pop up more ads. There are also many not so appropiate adult 18+ games/content on display that most likely are scams. My browser blacked out 3 times during going through the ads, so it did take a while to get to the download page. I suggest changing to! It's alot safer and has more comfortable ad content on display without any extra popups.
Dos you repair that thing of the friends can nota eat the food?
Ummm the mod can be added to my minecraft but I don't why it doesn't work, pls help I really want it to work
Ur addons is best food addons ever!!!
Could you make the recipe link just straight to it? It's annoying to download two different things just to get it :/
Potential food ideas, if you're still developing this. Hash browns, which you could combine a potato with oil as a replacement fry recipe. It'd be nice to have cereal brought back. Brownies, which could compliment cookies in the vanilla game. And this one is debatable, but a breakfast scramble, which would be cheese, some fried eggs, bacon, potatoes (or the hashbrowns I mentioned), and a bowl
Thank you: It's OK for the hashbrown, the new fry recipe, the brownie and the breakfast. ?
Mediafire link for the recipes pleasee
I changed my mind, I won't add a breakfast, because there are all food you mentioned for that (exept the hashbrown but I will add it) and so I prefer add the cereals.