Published on May 22, 2021 (Updated on May 22, 2021)

Initial D MOUNT AKINA Ice Boat Race Map

Have you ever wanted to race and push a car to its limits? Mount Akina from the anime Initial D is the perfect location to drive or race down a windy, mountainous road. Take a boat, slap it on ice, and control it while drifting through turns and hairpins. Hone your boat racing skills, and 1v1 your friends and see who is the true drift king.

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Kensai Durifto?
Awesome map, great visuals at high render distances! The racetrack is challenging, but fun! Only complaint is that in the beginning there's no "start" button or anything of the sort, you have to figure it out yourself as it's not that clear.
Amazing roadway
Vehicles involved using Addon
Right spawning point
Can be customized with more vehicle packs and blocks

Height distance between one platform and the other may cause lethal damage to both the car and driver. Damages may be prevented with water/slime landings.
Kensai Durifto?
Yessir we pullin inertia drifts left right center baby
RoOOOOOooOoOOoOke4 May 22, 2021 at 9:53 pm
This is Epico