Published on October 08, 2020 (Updated on September 11, 2023)

Insta Farm Addon V6.1 | Create automatic farms with blocks

This is an Addon that adds blocks to generate automatic farms and redstone mechanisms in a short time. This addon has its own crafting table. Currently there are more than 40 automatic farms.

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  • New crafting table.
  • Added the following farms:
    • Shulker shell farm.
    • Creeper farm and mega creeper farm.
    • Froglight Farm.
    • Added automatic oven and more mechanisms.
  • Modified mega farms:
    • Mega bamboo mega farm.
    • Mega Sugarcane farm.
    • Mega Twisting vines farm.
  • Modified the gold farm and added the Mega gold farm.
  • Download links updated
  • New tool added
  • Chinese translation added

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i rate this addon 0/10 because not working
Please add blaze farm and nether wart farm please
NOTE :(for fellow users) all the farms are still working in 1.20.51
I can't craft the tools! Why tho? I tried downloading an older version of this addon, still dosent work... please help me
can you update to the newest update?
dude mob farm dosnt work like the mobs wont spawn due to versions
Podrían actualizarlo porfa a la
for some reason the links to the downloads are not working, its say this site can't be reached. Is there a way to fix this issue?
never mind it was my anti-virus thinking it malware
Items cannot be crafted in version 1.20.30
sugar cane mega and bamboo mega do not work just vex flying around even and nothing dropping
the sugarcane farm always breaks can u pls fix
Pra mim não aparecem as receitas na redstone table :((
can you make it so you don’t need to turn on any of the experimental features?
Not working in for me....
I will try adding it again ..
Hopefully it work.