Published on June 02, 2020 (Updated on June 03, 2020)

Mountains Biome Timelapse

Hello everyone, this is a biome modification map, it is a map that simulates the next mountains update in Minecraft. It also has a custom home and forest for survival.

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Download link bugs were fixed.

The errors in the map were corrected.

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What texture pack did you use??
I was post this map review pics on instagram and giving you credit and this mcpedl map link in caption below but i’m checking out your profile and there are no instagram acc, so i just give your mcpedl username and thank you for let me to use this map as my content :)
...please respond ASAP
I would be honoured if you would allow me to add a secret laboratory/bunker to the house
Map looks simply marvelous
wow looks cool !!!
i like it!!!
Hello! This looks very cool! Great job! With your permission, I’d like to build a modern house on these mountains and use it in a map submission! I will provide a link to this page and credit you in the map, please respond soon, I’d be very honored if you allowed me to use this, thanks!