Published on February 08, 2021 (Updated on April 03, 2024)

Medieval Furniture Addon V6.1 (Updated for 1.20.30+)

Revamp your Minecraft surroundings with a touch of medieval charm. This Addon introduces an array of default-textured blocks, including tables, cozy chairs, and a diverse range of furniture pieces to elevate your gaming experience.

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New update! New blocks added and fixed bugs! Updated for 1.20.70+

List of added blocks:

  • Acacia Beer barrel
  • Birch Beer barrel
  • Dark Oak Beer barrel
  • Jungle Beer barrel
  • Oak Beer barrel
  • Spuce Beer barrel
  • Mangrove Beer barrel
  • Crimson Beer barrel
  • Warped Beer barrel
  • Cherry Beer barrel

Modified 3D models to be compatible with 1.20.70

Added Chinese and Spanish translations


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Pinned comment
Hi everyone, if you want to know the full changelog for this version, the download link has all the detailed information. Remember to disable recipe unlocking for it to work correctly.
This is a great addon and I cant wait to start building with it. I already have so many ideas and I can gush for hours about how much detail there is. great job on the addon sir!

Now, there is one stipulation though. Honestly Im Not sure if anything can technically be done about it - however I want to use this addon in tandem with Farmers Delight (Bedrock Edition. You can find the link on this site). But when I have both addons on at the same time, I cant open the workbench!

Well to be more exact, I can open the workbench but the menu wont pop up and I cant move. The rest of the world continues to move (I can see my pets breathing and turning around and I can still get attacked by mobs) so I hesitate to say I crash. But yes, this addon only works on its own and thats a damn shame.

If you could either fix or direct me on how to fix this Id appreciate it sm. Thank you!
Help,I can't see the items,I turned what it has to be turned and nothing,pls help
IF YOU CANT ADD IT TO A REALM you can make the world separated, add it there, then transfer it to your world AND BOOM its all there
if I combine this with better on bedrock it crashes pls fix
That because they dont work together
can u pls make it available for 1.20
It doesnt show the workbenches screen, even when I turn recipes unlock off.
dawg you need to fix the download.
What happened and why theres no available files?
it's now only a resource pack
The new versión worked in 1.20.51?
why cart don't work?
Ui turned into a crafting table and couldn't be used at all. I didn't get in. I did it the way I was told.