Published on September 15, 2021 (Updated on September 13, 2021)

It's Rectocon's Find The Button BETA

Welcome to find the button, This game is not to hard the base of it is that you find a button. There is no twist to it at all lol. Well besides that you dont only find the button you will need to figure out combinations, solve puzzles, fight for your life and much much more! I do hope you enjoy this world that Ive created it took a while to make from the working functions to the nice designs to the spawning. 

In this game you will have to go around different environments to look for a button. There will be trees houses caves, swamps and much more... Remember this game is still on beta so there will be bug issues and things like that so sorry if you experience these issues.

Now on to the visual evidence...

This is where you start, its a camber room that has fire and lava and all you got is a boot that tells you how to play and beef. You will go and find the button to start your journey and adventure to look for the button.


This is one of the levels I made that is in the top biome and yes I call it top biome don't judge me!. but you will be in nicely made environments that you will have to go around to find the button and there may be other things too you can collect to help you though your adventure.


Now all you have to do is guess that combination! Puzzles like these make the find the button more challenging because now to find the button that you already need to look for you need to solve combinations as well. Good luck remember it gets harder as you go on.


You will be fighting mobs in some environments and if you have 99999 IQ you will know to use your environment to your advantage to not get killed. same reason why you are given armor so you will not get killed lol. Alsop the food don't forget about the food that comes along with it.


Like i said I worked hard on the designs and mob spawning along with the environment, so I do hope when you play this you will use the environment like the one you see below you to fight off the monster before they can kill you and remember this is adventure mode so you cannot destroy spawners.


Then last but not least this is where you spawn after you finish the game. Just don't be clumsy and fall in lava or else you will have to start all over again and I know you don't want to do that because that sucks.


I really do hope everyone enjoys this game I put all my hard work into making the mechanics having a balanced gameplay, and making nice environments. I hope you are smart enough to complete this. If you are good job your big brain!.

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Updated the world as well as bug fixes and fix MCPDEL Submition


This map will be downloaded as a .mcworld file all you have to do is open it into Minecraft and it should download. In the case where it dose not download please keep trying and if it dose not work your bedrock version of Minecraft is broken sorry :(

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