Item Physics [Beta]

This addon adds physics to the items in game (sort of). If you want to experience something new, then give this a try. 

All items in the Equipment Tab except the potions are included in this version. More items will be included in the next update. 

Included items:

Do you also want the potions to be flat? Just tell me. 


How to use: 

– Be sure to have beta or 1.16.100 stable installed

– Install both behavior and resource pack

– Turn on Experimental Features (the 3 toggles) 

– Choose the language you are currently using in the behavior pack settings (only 2 languages available so far) 

Netherite physics 😁👍

Wanna help me translate? Just dm me in discord! 

Changelog View more
  • Added more details 
  • Added additional instruction
  • Added animated image to showcase netherite items. 


  • Install both behavior and resource pack 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100

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56 Responses

4.21 / 5 (24 votes)
  1. Angel42712 says:

    No me deja descargar, que pasará se actualizará?

  2. the more cool things on this addon besides item physic, it was compatible with other texture pack, even with 3d item texture

  3. Complainant says:

    Linkvertise ruined your mod.

  4. SpotTheWolf1 says:

    3D potions would be a great addition, but do whichever you wish, as I cannot control what you do. Have a nice day!

  5. Datboithatyouknow says:

    Do you ever plan on doing this with all the items and blocks or no

  6. WhoisNuUuOnE says:

    hey u should make the potions 2d also the update after that could u do all of the blocks 3d?

  7. MrNifrit says:

    Pls add mod on

  8. Maritocraft says:

    hello I have a problem and it is that the addon does not work and I even activated the 3 experimental options someone tell me how to fix it a and play on 1.16.100 on an android

  9. Vacity says:

    why do u have 2 crouch to pick them up

  10. Tohru-Chan says:

    I really liked this add-on 🙂 You could add blocks

  11. Dragon Black says:

    not working, the drop remains the same, what happened.?

  12. It even works with texture packs!

  13. SKRRT says:

    This is very amazing I’m gonna try it, even if it doesn’t work it will still be 10/10 addon.

  14. SpotTheWolf1 says:

    Are you gonna update this when 1.17 comes out? This would be a great mod for you to work on long term.

  15. ItzGlacierPlayz says:

    amazing work, m8, 5 stars

  16. Herobrine4448 says:

    Love the showcase and mod dude but i dont know how to use linkiverse so can you make a link to

  17. Zoner567YT says:

    Is the language available in Spanish?

  18. SkeleyVamp says:

    the addon is cool but it doesn’t work when you drop an item it just disappeared

  19. Pixel360 says:

    The mod is very beautiful and I would like to translate it. Give a link to the Discord

  20. Exploding Creeper says:

    dude i was waiting for someone to make this mod thak you so much for making it. Previously someone else made exact addon like this and dumped it , so it does not contain many items in realistic drop so thanks for making it. Pls dont dump this project

  21. AsianKoolAid00 says:

    So wait, do we have to be on the Beta or can we do it on normal 1.16?

  22. PrestigePlayz says:

    Hello, this add-on is too amazing! I really love it! Can I have your permission to use and edit this addon for modpack I’m making?

  23. Coptaine says:

    I forgot to tell you guys to turn on experimental features (the 3 toggles) to make it work completely.

  24. Player_alone says:

    Ok (⁰͡ Ĺ̯ ⁰͡) thanks anyway

  25. Player_alone says:

    I loved your Addon but I want to make you a request You could add compatibility with the PROJECT WALKER addon or help the creator of that addon to do something similar because it would be equal to or better than the decimation mod

    Adorei o seu addon, mas quero fazer-lhe um pedido Pode adicionar compatibilidade com o addon PROJECT WALKER ou ajudar o criador desse addon a fazer algo semelhante porque seria igual a ou melhor que o mod decimation

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