Published on May 19, 2021

J-200 Sport Addon

The J-200 is the new F-MODS SUV It is a sports SUV ideal for traveling, you can also make long trips or trips with this SUV.  Now you can drive this SUV in cities or race tracks, with this car you can travel very fast anywhere.  You can even race with it since being a high-speed SUV it is perfect for racing with the SUV.


  • Gasoline Life Time: 3200 seconds
  • It has capacity for 5 passengers
  • Available in 7 colors
  • Has animations on: dashboard, wheels, steering wheel
  • The vehicle now has flashing lights.

Complementary functions:
1.It is necessary to create the key to start the car and turn it off.
2.Creating your gas is also important for the car to move forward
3.To obtain it in survival you must make the stone of the vehicle which is made with diamond and cobblestone.
4.To make a car, you need the vehicle stone which you need to put into the stone cutter and you can get your car and then you can drive it.

How to use the car?

1.First you will have to start the car with the key after starting you will have to have gasoline to fill the tank with gasoline and voila, you can use your car

2.You can turn off your car and start it whenever you want

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