Published on September 10, 2021

JDM Legacy - Season 2 [Car Collection]

The second car pack/collection to my JDM car series. Adds up to 15 cars (13 cars with 2 custom versions) that I have made so far from the start of 2021 until now (September 12th)! All your favorite JDM cars (that I've made anyways), all in one pack - and updated with more immersive sounds! Ery noice.

• About addon / Addon information

If you thought this was just a mere collection of the cars I've made, you're absolutely wrong. Unlike in the individual car projects/addons that I've posted, players can now color the cars according to their preference (like in the original JDM Legacy). More information on this will be explained below.

Aside that, all the cars now have better sound effects such as custom hit sound effects, open/close doors/popup headlights sound effects and startup sound effects. This time, without the need of Minecraft's Experimental Features (great for people like me who are homo-experimental mode).

In a nutshell:

• This addon adds 15 cars (13 cars with 2 custom versions), each of which have it's own set of colors and liveries.
• Can be coloured according to the player's preference using a custom item available in the pack (PaintMatic)
• All the cars now have up-to-date sound effects (list of sound effects can be found below) without the use of Experimental Mode.
• All the cars have openable/closeable doors
• Most cars have openable/closeable hoods (for cars with engine bays only)
• Popup headlights can be toggled on and off (for cars with popups only, duh.)

• The cars

Below are the cars available in the collection according to their brands. The colours available for a car are mentioned below it's name which can be used as reference to what colours a car can be coloured to using the PaintMatic items.


Has 2 colours: Black, Silver

The items that can be used:
PaintMatic: Black
PaintMatic: Silver

More information on how to colour the cars and the list of PaintMatic colours can be found below in this article.

Note: Due to there being a butt ton of colour options for the cars, I didn't include pictures of every single colour option for the cars. You can refer what the colours look like from my previous individual car project posts by going to the link below:

1) Nissan

a) i) Nissan Skyline R30

   Has 4 colors; Gray, White, Red, #11 Super Silhouette Livery

   ii) Nissan Skyline R30 - Police Interceptor

   Has 1 color only:

b) Nissan Skyline R34 GTR

   Has 6 colors; Blue, Black, White, Red, Paul Walker's R34 Livery, GT4 Pace Car

2) Datsun

a) Datsun 240z

   Has 5 colors; Blue, White, Yellow, Green, 73' Safari Rally Livery

3) Toyota

a) i) Toyota AE86 Trueno (Hatchback)

   Has 4 colors; Black, White, Two-tone White/Gray (Panda white), Fujiwara Tofu Shop Decal

   ii) Toyota AE86 Trueno (Coupe)

   Has 3 colors; Silver, Two-tone White/Gray (Panda white), Red

Popups on (for AE86 Coupe - Silver):


b) i) Toyota Celica ST204

    Has 5 colors; Black, Cyan, White, Red, Maroon

    ii) Toyota Celica ST205

    Has 4 colors; Silver, White, Red, Toyota-Castrol Livery

4) Honda

a) i) Honda NSX-R Na1

    Has 4 colors; Black, Silver, White, Red

   ii) Honda NSX-R Na1 (ashminggu Special)

    Has 1 color only (basically a slightly wider NSX)

Popups on (for NSX - ashminggu Special):


b) Honda Integra DC2

    Has 4 colors; White Stock, White, Yellow, Red

c) Honda Civic EK9

    Has 4 colors; White Stock, White, Yellow, Red

5) Eunos/Mazda

a) Eunos Roadster / Mazda Miata NA

   Has 5 colors; Black, White, Red, Mazda Rally Livery, Martini Livery

Popups on (for Eunos Roadster - Black):

b) Mazda 929/Luce HC

   Has 5 colors; Black, White, Two-tone White/Gray, Silver, Maroon

6) Subaru

a) Subaru 22B STi

   Has 6 colors; Black, White, Cyan, Blue, Red, Subaru WRC Livery

• Extra images

a) The 2 exclusive special editions in this pack:

b) Examples of engine bays/hood open (Left: Dastun 240z Right: Celica T205)

• How to color them?

As said earlier, you can color them using certain colors. Here is a picture of what they look like. You can get them by searching in the inventory: PaintMatic

The colors (In order as in picture from left to right):
1) #11 Super Silhouette Livery
2) Black
3) Blue
4) Toyota-Castrol Livery
5) Cyan
6) Mazda Rally Livery
7) Fujiwara Tofu Shop Decal/Livery
8) Gray
9) Green
10) GranTurismo 4 (GT4) Pace Car Livery
11) Maroon
12) Martini Livery
13) Paul Walker's R34 Livery
14) Red
15) 73' Safari Rally
16) Silver
17) Subaru WRC Livery
18) White
19) White Stock (For stock Integra and EK9)
20) Two-tone White/Gray
21) Yellow

Some colors may be used on multiple cars, and some colors may only be used on 1 certain car.

Example: Black may be used on the Honda NSX Na1, the Subaru 22B STi and a few others. Whereas, the #11 Super Silhouette Livery may only be used on the Skyline R30.

Demonstration of coloring/dyeing a car:

(Due to MCPEDL image size restrictions, I couldn't upload the GIF here as the size exceeds the limit set by MCPEDL. The link above will send you to where I've uploaded the demonstration GIF.)

• How to open/close doors/hood/popup headlights (Except AE86 Trueno)

i) Doors

To OPEN the doors, right click the car and the doors will open. Right click again to get in.
To CLOSE the doors, right click WHILE shifting/crouching.

ii) Hood

To OPEN the hood, right click WHILE shifting/crouching WHEN the doors are closed and the hood will open!
To CLOSE the hood, right click WHILE shifting/crouching.

In a nutshell, the concept is basically;

Right click/hold + Shift/crouch = Close/open the hood/popups and close doors
Right click ONLY = Open doors and to get in car ... (once the car's doors are open)

NOTE: The following cars do not have engine bays therefore they don't have the ability to open hoods, but the doors can be opened/closed like all other cars.

Honda NSX-R Na1 (Both versions)*
Eunos Roadster*
Honda Integra DC2

*Popups can be turned on the same way as opening/closing the hoods of cars with engine bays (right click + shift).

Here's a video on how to open/close the doors and hood. Its an old video on my individual car addon, the 71' Datsun 240z so in the video there's no open/close door sound effects. The concept on how to open/close doors and hood is the same though. For the cars with popups and no engine bay, you turn on the popups the same way you'd open the engine bay (right click+shift)


• How to open/close doors/hood/popup headlights (FOR AE86 Trueno)

NOTE: For the AE86 Trueno (Hatchback and Coupe), the popup headlights can be turned on as well as the hood.

This is how it works for the AE86:

Right click/hold + Shift/crouch = Turn the popups on/off and close doors
Right click ONLY = Open doors and to get in car ... (once the doors are open)

Right click with Wrench = Open/close hood

Yes, to open the hood you'll need a Wrench (currently for AE86 only). This item can be found in the Creative Inventory by searching "Wrench".

You may refer the video below:

• Advanced sounds

In total there are 6 sound effects for the cars. The list are as follows:

Startup sound effect - When the player sits in the car
Driving sound effect - When the player drives the car
Custom car damage sound - When the car is damaged / takes a hit 
Door closing sound effect - When the player closes the door
Door opening sound effect - When the player opens the door
Hood closing sound effect - When the player closes the hood

This addon DOES NOT REQUIRE (any type of..) EXPERIMENTAL MODE.


• Important Notes! Please read!

For users who plan on adding this pack into a world that already has an individual car addon applied to the world, make sure to EITHER:

i) Make sure both BP and RP JDM Legacy S2 packs are at the top of the list.



ii) Remove all the individual packs and replace it with this pack. [Suggested]

Don't worry, all the cars will remain where you last parked them. They will automatically update themselves once you open/close the doors/hood/popups. If you are a Mobile/Phone user, it is recommended to make sure you make a copy of the world before doing this as it may cause crashes/lag.

• Compatibility with JDM Legacy - Season 1

For users who plan on adding this pack into a world with the JDM Legacy Season 1 car pack, you may notice that there are a few similar items in the JDM S1 and this pack (JDM S2), specifically some of the PaintMatic items.

You can use the PaintMatic items in the JDM S1 pack with the cars in this pack (JDM S2) and vice versa as they are the same things so you don't have to worry about any incompatibilities between the 2!

• How to obtain

Method 1: Get their spawn eggs from the Creative Inventory. They are classified as spawn eggs. You can search "[JDM]" without the " for a more convenient way of getting them.

Method 2: Use /summon commands:
/summon hnsx:red1                               ..(Honda NSX-R Na1)
/summon hnsx:white_exp1                    ..(Honda NSX-R Na1 - ashminggu Special)
/summon hidc2:white1                           ..(Honda Integra DC2)
/summon ek9:white_stock1                   ..(Honda Civic EK9)
/summon nam:red1                                ..(Eunos Roadster)
/summon d240:blue1                             ..(Datsun 240z)
/summon r30:gray1                                ..(Nissan Skyline R30)
/summon r30:police1                              ..(Nissan Skyline R30 - Police)
/summon mazda929hc:maroon_gray1   ..(Mazda 929/Luce HC)
/summon 22bsti:blue1                            ..(Subaru 22B STi)
/summon celicast204:red1                     ..(Toyota Celica ST204)
/summon celicast205:silver1                  ..(Toyota Celica ST205)
/summon bnr34:white1                           ..(Nissan Skyline R34 GTR)
/summon hachiroku:panda_white1            ..(Toyota AE86 Trueno - Hatchback)
/summon hachirokucoupe:panda_white1  ..(Toyota AE86 Trueno - Coupe)

The cars mentioned above, when first spawned, will come in the color that comes after their identifier.

Example: "hnsx:red1" - Honda NSX-R Na1, Red.
You can change the color using PaintMatic as mentioned earlier.

Twitter account: @ashminggu
Instagram account: @ashminggu
Email account: [email protected]
IGN: ashminggu02

• Problem with Linkvertise?

Contact me through one of my contacts listed above and I’ll send a direct download link whenever possible, no Linkvertise restrictions!

This addon is exclusive for MCPEDL. Any other websites that distribute this addon without my approval are false and are an act of plagiarizing.


• Confused about the download links?

So basically,

Win10 = High speed version, suitable for race track maps.

Mobile = Lowered speed version, suitable for small city maps.

Mobile Revised = Lowest speed version. Recommended for mobile users [lag reduction, easier to control]


1) All the downloads below contain both the Behavior Pack (BP) and the Resource Pack (RP).

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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I forgot to mention this in the pack but this addon may only be suitable for Win10 users. I don't know how does it perform on consoles (Xbox) though.

For phone/mobile users I suggest not using this pack as the models are highly detailed. You may have to use the individual car addons.
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Please make a new version of "BMW M3 E46"
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Please make a new version of "bmw m3 e46"
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I forgot to mention this in the pack but this addon may only be suitable for Win10 users. I don't know how does it perform on consoles (Xbox) though.

For phone/mobile users I suggest not using this pack as the models are highly detailed. You may have to use the individual car addons.
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Heyy, it's me, do you ever plan on adding the NSX to its own original mod?
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Its works on a low size world but, once i added to my others world, the game crashed i think its because of it makes my world size more than 100mb please fix it
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And for the second time, i suggest you to make ford crown victoria and Lamborghini countach, or maybe the classic cars from 1930
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I have it on a realm server and yea, the mod crash the game and destroy the minecraft so hard, cant start the minecraft again without restart the console (i use it on xbox) but on normal maps works well without problems
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I love the cars but i cant use any mod on my realm, when i add a single car or this pack, my game just crash all times and need to remove the addon, hope you can fix this, we really like the desings
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Paul Walker

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