Published on January 08, 2023

Jellyland Theme Park and Resort

Do you ever what to travel and go on a vacation with your friends but due to some reason you can't? Jellyland is perfect place for you to enjoy a virtual vacation with you friends and family! Jellyland is a theme park that contains more than 15 games, shops and rollercoasters! In addition, there are also a variety of restaurants like pizza store, barbeque shop and more! On top of that, there is a hotel with club house, gym room and a jacuzzi!  Have fun at Jellyland by SweetJellyG :D

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  • Jellyland.mcworld (277.38 KB)
  • Jellyland.mcworld (277.38 KB)

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you just made 2 of the same the download links
still thanks for playing :)
Wow, what a nice map. If I can move it to a Chinese website ? Because many players in China can't download it here. And of course I will mark the original author. I would appreciate it if you allow me to do so.(≧ω≦)