JET SKI (Addon)

Bored of transporting yourself in the classic ships that we have in Minecraft? Well today I bring you this incredible Addon that will add Jet Skis to Minecraft. Now you can transport yourself in a faster way on the water and with up to 2 people.
This Addon will add us a jet ski, which we can dye in the color that we like the most. Choose one of the 15 colors available to paint.

CREATOR : Andiuber
FACEBOOK : @AndiuberOficial
TWITTER : @AndiuberOficial
YOUTUBE : Andiuber


How to use?

To get the jet ski in survival, you must get the following materials to be able to make it at the crafts table:
• 1 Compass
• 3 Oak boat
• 3 Quartz

You can see in the image below the way to make it. Last but not least, to change the color of the jet ski, simply get any tint of the color of your choice and click on it.

Note: The watercraft can be damaged by blows, to be able to repair it, feed them with quartz.





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3.44 / 5 (9 votes)
Not working with latest MC 1.16.220.
Says "Failed to upload packs" when starting game.
Is this man trying to get a virus in my computer???
It just says download failed-virus detected
I can use them for a racing map I’ll give you the credits
TheMinecraftWhale July 20, 2019 at 7:39 am
Somebody can say me the mediafire page?. the original link leads me to a page that downloads a virus.
it acctually worked good job
the only problem is u cant drive it
use a saddle lol
TheMinecraftWhale July 19, 2019 at 7:46 am
Fix the link!.
Please fix the link ASAP!!
heyyy realy cool addon its work perfectly for me buut i think that i would be realy cool if it was possible to get it in survival mod with a craft or something so think about it !! ^^
make an addon that adds ahundredtrillion real life mpbs
how you created the jet ski model
Awesome addon its great! Btw what shaders are you using in these shots?
Amazing addon and works really well although i find the sounds a little too loud i dont mind the loooing sound but i think maybe it should be a bit lower other than that its amazing
Make a car addon that has a Sedan,Police car,Van,Truck and Bike and also Citizen NPCs and cops npc And also a fire truck and Wagon and SUV(City addon plan if you can)