Published on September 13, 2019 (Updated on August 23, 2020)

Jojo's Bizarre Skin Pack 1.3 [Stone Ocean/Part 6 Update]

 This skin pack is inspired by the ongoing manga/anime series Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and currently has 74 skins.

If you don't want to get spoiled on something, please stop and go watch the anime and/or read the manga.

Unleash your stand powers with this skin pack!

Jojo's Bizarre Skin Pack is a skin pack that took inspiration from "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure", a manga that narrates the story of the Joestar family. Each part has a villain and a new Jojo. There are exactly 8 parts, which 5 of them got animated.

If you're a fan of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, this skin pack
IS 4 U!
There are skins of the main characters like Jonathan Joestar to Pannacotta Fugo from Purple Haze Feedback (a light novel set six months after the events of Vento Aureo).

Here are the skins:

If you're having trouble downloading the skin pack, check out this tutorial by my friend:

Select version for changelog:


Added the characters from Part 6, Stone Ocean!

I, obviously, won't be stopping here.



1. Click "Download .mcpack ⬇️" 

1.5. If it happens, complete the robot reCaptcha 

2. Do everything that it tells you, so turn on your notifications and open then close an article. You can also disable notifications later.  

3. Download it 

4. When the download is completed, tap/click on it 

5. Minecraft will open up automatically and it will say "Importing Jojo's Bizarre Skin Pack 1.3" on the top of the screen. 

6. Wait for the import to complete. Enjoy! 


1. Click "Download .zip ⬇️" 

1.5. If it happens, complete the robot reCaptcha 

2. Do everything that it tells you, so turn on your notifications, open then close an article and then download a. You can also disable notifications later.  

3. Download it

4. Watch a tutorial on how to install .zip files on Minecraft for your device. 

5. When you've installed it, just open up Minecraft and the skin pack should already be there. No importing needed. Enjoy!


1) Is Linkvertise safe? 

- Yes, it is. I think that it's actually one of the safest shorteners, since there aren't pop-up ads. 

2) Can i disable my notifications after I download the skin pack? 

- Yes, you can. Even Linkvertise says that you can on their website. 

3) Do I really have to read an article to get to the download? 

- No, you can just press "Discover interesting articles" and stay there for 10 seconds, then press then the X on the top-right corner. 

4) Your link downloaded me a .exe file. Is it a virus? Where does it take me? 

- No, it isn't a virus. You just need to click on it, press "Yes" and then the .exe file will take you to the mediafire page of the skin pack. It's pretty easy and takes like, 5/10 seconds. I tested it on my pc and then ran a virus scan, no detections. 

5) How can I believe you? 

- I think most creators (including me) test their links to make sure that they work correctly. In my case, since Linkvertise has an installer, I have to go through it everytime and it always works.

6) Your link wants me to download an extension. Can I remove it? 

- Of course you can, just do it after downloading the skin pack. 

7) Will you use a direct mediafire link? 

- No. 

8) When I do a task to reach the mediafire page, it says "Blocked by your administrator". What's the problem? 

- The user you are using on your computer is not an admin, I don't know how to solve this. 

Supported Minecraft versions

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Didnt work
So to anybody who is confused yard just brings up code just hold the mediafire download link and You’ll be set
HOLD UP, DICKHEAD. Trying to scam us huh? Whenever i click the mcpack link it specificaly states, and i quote :"IMPORTANT NOTE: Close the Linkvertise page if it requires any of the following steps:

- Install an app

- Activate notifications

- Download a file" WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THE WEBSITE TOLD US TO DO!!! You absolute dicksnout. To ANYONE and i mean ANYONE reading this, DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! IT'S A VIRUS!
Bruh I can't share the link
Hello! I am the creator of JOJO's Bizzare Adventure addon!
Can I use some skins of your skin pack in order to improve my addon? Since your skins are REALLY fantastic!
Thx a lot, we will surely credit you!
This looks great but the link doesn't work, fix it please.
Why linkvertise? I'm not going to get a virus just to be a JoJo character when there are other JoJo skin packs on MCPDL
use mediafire bro come on i aint getting a virus just so i can be jotaro
Hey dummy,you can't get a virus by this,i have been using this like years and my phone is perfect
then y is it labeled unsafe in the java code itself
bruh, you're giving people viruses, stop complaining and search other shortener
Adfly is way safer as it opens a website that you can just close, and also opens the ACTUAL mediafire link. The download link opened by Linkvertise is now marked as ADWARE by my AV. Don't give people viruses.
Hey man nice skin pack!, by the way, what program you use to do the skins?
Bruh. Is it that hard to use something else other than linkvertise. Its so annoying. Use mediafire or adfly. im not even going to bother tryng to download this
adfly is worse, shortest isn't paying and mediafire doesn't pay.
Don't use linkvertise when I try to turn on notification it refuses to let me
I know right I'm not gonna leave bad review cos its mean, but mcpedl bans linkvertise users.
They don't? MCPEDL staff always reviews links before uploading a skin pack or an update.
I sadly can no longer get this skinpack because i do not trust Linkvertise
Don't use linkvertise please it attempts to download a .exe