Published on February 10, 2021 (Updated on February 10, 2021)

Juan's Plants

Are you search an addon that add crops and plants with a unique and incredible ways to plant?, this addon is for you, this addon adds even since Tomato and chili pepper vines, wildberries and grapes.


This addon is in Beta, so I ask you not to add blocks that cannot be obtained normally, as they can mess the addon experience. 

Note: All seeds of this addon are obtained in ruins.

ADDON CREATOR: @Juaneitor11 Youtube c

Template image: @dhexou

Log Stakes, Fertile soil and ropes :

- The fertile soil is crafted with dirt and bone meal, it is used to plant unique crops of this addon, with the advantage of being immune to the jump of entities, and dont need water.

-Log stakes:

 are crafted with logs (more variety soon),log stakes are used to as support for tomato and chili vines, and to place ropes.


Are crafted with string, are used to support the grapes, otherwise the grapes will not grow


The vines can only be placed on the first log stake, and must have fertile soil down. In order for the vines to grow upwards, the first vine has to be in its final stage, then the next one will grow, it also has to be in its final stage for the next one to grow.

Tomato vine:

The tomato vine has a grow limit of 3 blocks, you can break the vines or click to get the tomato.

Chili pepper vine:

Grow limit of 2 blocks, you can break the vines or click to get the chili peppers.


Experience bush:

Its planted in farmland or in fertile soil, to accelerate its growth, you must use a new bone meal, which is crafted with bone meal and lapis lazuli. To get the experience you can break the crop, or click with a glass bottle, but you must have minimum level 5 or superior. (If the magic meal falls into the water, becomes an experience orbs)


wildberries are generated around the world, they only have one stage, wildberries have no use for now.


This plant has the most complicated and fun way to grow, you must have a structure like this, if the plant is not in the middle, it will not grow, I recommend you see the pictures, and you can create structures like these very useful:

Correct and useful forms

Incorrect form:

-Grape stages:,The stem has 3 stages, when the stem is mature, a central leaf will grow, Now you have that give that bone meal to the leaf (or wait a moment), to the central leaf will grow leaves in the sides (one for one bone meal), to this leaves you can give bone meal And will grow grapes.

(To grow 4 leaves)

 Note: please let me know the bugs you find, to fix them in future updates, remember this is a beta verion. -you can use this addon to upload it to youtube, but you must leave my credits, and you can not place a direct link or own.


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Perdón que pregunte esto fuera de tema pero por lo que investigue tu eres uno de los creadores del addon infernal mobs o no?
simplemente me encanta, es un addon perfecto, en el futuro solucionará lo de que cae al agua y se trasforma en orbes de experiencia, en mi opinión personal está un poco chetado, me encantaría que en un futuro se pudiera hacer vino con todos los efectos a si como la mecánica de la miel con los panales de miel actuales y todo su procedimiento como en karmaland 4 que incluso tenía barriles para aumentar la calidad del vino aún que eso sería demasiado jajaja, pero sinceramente esta súper, espero pronto una actualización esta súper padre y me trae muy buenos recuerdos
Michael Minecraft May 17, 2021 at 11:54 am
REALLY good bro keep it
I like it really and I thought that wolf armor was better
But this finally tomatoes in minecraft thanks
This pack is great maybe add flower bushes that u can have hanging in the log stakes some example:rose bushes white tulip bushes and more!
CHORFI ABDERRAHMEN April 03, 2021 at 1:00 am
لدي فكرة رائعة لو تضيفها إلى هذا الملحق سيصبح أسطوريا، أخبرني إذا كنت تريد سماعها
El addon es muy bueno, pero el cultivo de tomate funciona pero no el tomate está bugueado, no se puede comer y no aparece la textura
why i cannot download it?
WOW! I came here from your other mod (the one with the shields) and you make the best addons! They all work, they have a really good design, everything can be found in creative menu, everything can be crafted (or found), and it is really cool!
If you give credit and/or include direct mcpedl download link, can people use this mod in modpacks?
¿se puede usar en realms?
Tomatoes don't have a name or an image.
JAJAJA era nesesario la palabra KARMALAND en la imagen ???? por que no solo poner el nombre del addon original y su respectivo BEDROCK mmmm?
Es para más visitas, sólo dime los errores o bugs que encuentres, ¡Gracias!