Published on June 21, 2021

Jungle Survival [With Achievements!]

So this is a world where you can basically do anything as a rich minecraft player! You basically already have all the resources, all the gear and tools to basically do anything! Read desc for more info.

This is a map where you can fulfill the dream of being a Wealthy Minecraft Player, and you even have achievements on! you have tons of gear loot and resources to basically do anything!


This house heavily inspired by hermit craft season 7 is a small but big on the inside type house, it is filled with

1. Chests Filled With Loot

2. Beds

3. Fridge

and to get in or out of it then you just press the button to open it [I know it looks trash but it is to protect from the mobs]

We also got a fireplace!

there are also

1.Mob Farm [Only works at night time]

2. Minecart That leads To River

i was just too lazy to take a screenshot cause now Im already writing the desc

i hope you like it! 👍



Download Documents App And Import You File Into There, Then Tap On The File And Then Tap 

”Open In Another App” Then Tap Minecraft

Hope this helped

Supported Minecraft versions

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How do I get out of Creative?
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I like the map but weird enough when I imported it I was in creative idk might just be me.
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