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Published on December 12, 2020 (Updated on December 16, 2020)

Jungle Tree House (Repost)

This is my first jungle tree house I hope you like it

This tree house is my first 

Jungle village on jungle biome 

I create this map for adventure,survival,creativity and more.

This map is not finish


My Facebook page:


Advance thank you

My first Upload map

I'm so very very very hapy

This map is  inspired in village i create this map for adventure, creativity, survival skill and more

this is my first Upload map and I hope you like it  or not

Warning don't use flint and steel ior any fire objects in this map or else your tree house and jungle will burn hahahaha

warning don't sleep in bed if you have a parrot in your elbow or else parrot will die.

Select version for changelog:


New installation details

New picture

And bug fixes

Thank you


1.Click the link download button

3.go to files find your download>hold>move

Ex:Jungle tree house>games>com.mojang>minecraft worlds>move here

Or this es file explorer jungle tree house

3.if you find it hold if you see tree dots push it and find extract button and click it

4.after extract your map find it and hold move>games>com.mojang>minecraft worlds >move here and back go to your MINECRAFT and tadaa


  • Jungle tree house.mcworld

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New version of map /
Remove space in last
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New version of map /
Remove space in last
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i love this map, can we play together on this map. my username: DanieHakimie
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this is realy cool
did you build this on education edition??
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oh becuase in one i the houses there is the education edition tools
i olny realise because i only have education rdition
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Ah Education edition button right?
I thought you were saying minecraft education edition version.
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you arent him from school
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are you..... Mula.....MulawuriM, i saw you making this at school... not gonna lie tho its nice
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