Published on September 21, 2020 (Updated on November 06, 2021)

Kelly's Minecraft Vanilla RTX Conversion Pack (Minor Update)

This is a simple vanilla texture pack/conversion for RTX on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition! It's for the most part an exact conversion, and all non-moving things have been converted. Everything has had special care, and tweaking put into it! :)

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Changed the text a bit, letting ya know that you can get the new pack now directly from my server!



  • Kellys_RTX_Base_Pack.mcpack (21.7 MB)
  • Kelly's Clear Glass Addon (757.89 KB)
  • Kelly's Fancy Grass Addon (1.27 MB)
  • Kelly's Glossy Wood Addon (1.29 MB)
  • Kelly's Glowing Amethyst Addon (1.35 MB)
  • Kelly's Glowing Ore Addon (1.48 MB)
  • Kelly's Alternate Lamps Addon
  • Kelly's Clear Water Addon
  • Kelly's ELR Addon
  • Kelly's Glowing Teracotta Addon

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HI! I have two questions to ask, first of all I was just wondering why it was so hard to see under water, I can only see like 3 feet in front of me, and there's also a weird green wave in front of me when I'm in water, Is that a problem? The second thing I wanted to ask was why there are weird light waves on lights and walls, is it the RTX PACK or just my RTX 3060 GPU? Other than that this is the greatest RTX pack for Minecraft, and I love it!!! (oh and also the Warden looks like Mickey mouse XD I also don't have Discord soooo will I not be able to get the lastest pack update?
this is a great pack and all but banners cant be coloured well they can but you cant put it down with colour on it
Hi, this is a really cool shader and i use it and stuff lol its really good but it would be cool if you could add the red and blue nether leaves the glow only in the little spots on them though if that makes sense
Loganisaskincreator April 24, 2022 at 9:29 pm
I'm on xbox and since i am i can't get rtx but this pack comes in handy as you don't need rtx to use it, yes it won't look hyper realistic but it still makes your world look great. I recommend enabling holiday creator features, custom biomes and upcoming creator feature as on xbox it needs those three to work also great pack i love it
I can not get sea lanterns to light up and grass loooks glossy. im using a rtx 3050 ti
running 1.18.
Can you make the glowing blue ice a separate pack?
Hi this is the best rtx but i dont have windows 10 to play bedrock edition so pls make this for andriod devices pls pls
um, this is just textures for rtx, and only windows 10 edition has rtx in the first place, the pack creator cant do anything about that. also, android wont have a powerfull enough gpu
Can I use this on my PC with 8GB ram and Intel UHD graphic card?
intel uhd is not strong enough for this, you will need a rtx series graphics card that supports ray tracing, yes i know they are like 1000$.
No, intel uhd doesnt support ray tracing, you'll need a rtx series graphics card or radeon rx 6000 and up
Boi what the hell boi December 23, 2021 at 8:42 pm
Thx my phone will explode in 69 seconds
RTX is only for computers with an RTX graphic card
Hi,creator! When I used your ray-tracing texture pack to play the Minecraft, I found the following problems:
1. The dynamic picture quality is poor, there are jagged teeth, a lot of noise, and the picture quality is blurred. This is evident during mobile flight, especially when looking at the woods, as if the picture is blurred with a high level of motion as it moves. This leads to shoot natural scenery videos is basically unrealistic, and the quality is too bad. This question is the one that mostly affects the game experience.
2. The change of brightness about sunrise and sunset is extremely unnatural. The brightness of the game will suddenly brighten or dim at some point, rather than gradually brighten or dim as the sun rises or falls.At the same time, the sun is also very strange. When the ambient brightness has been dim, the sun has a particularly bright halo, and the sun's brightness is still particularly high.
3. At sunrise and sunset, when looking at the horizon from a certain height, you will find that the sky presents a very strange blood red, very unnatural.
4. Lava and some other glowing objects have overexposure phenomenon, the brightness is too high. I wonder, what causes these problems? How to solve these problems?
I'm looking forward to your reply, thanks.
Hi, agavetruncata
I'm the ray-tracing texture pack user, not creator.
One thing you need to make sure that.
Do you play Bedrock Minecraft with NVIDIA RTX20/30 or AMD RX6000 graphic card?
This texture pack is worked on ray-tracing compatible graphic cards as above only.
Well, my graphic card is RTX 2060.
so there might be 2 ways you can check.
1. Turn ON/OFF "Upscaling" in minecraft video setting.
Upscaling is NVIDIA DLSS feature. There are 4 setting of DLSS, Quality, Performance, Performance Ultra, and Balanced. The wrong setting might cause ghosting.
2. If your monitor have HDR hardware feature, turn it ON/OFF in windows setting.
If HDR is broken, the brightness control will not be controlled normally.
This is really my favorite resource package ! Well I just think if the lighting would be lower when we are in the Nether. Because sometimes we may see excessively strong light in some places which are filled with lava. It would be great if it could be adjusted !
I really like this shader! Thanks KellyTheDerg for this wonderful RTX shader. It works flawlessly! By the way, I used your shader in one of my videos, showcasing Squid Game Mods. If you want to check it out, here's the link:

Thank you and Have a nice day guys! Stay safe!
This rtx shader is very nice but the other packs like glowing ore wont work
it dont import to my Minecraft it says "failed to import see output log for more details"
Yep! That is because this is the outdated version. Join my discord server for the newest, and greatest goodies ( )