Published on November 08, 2020 (Updated on December 04, 2020)

Vanilla Variations [V3 Out Now!]

This pack aims to provide a non intrusive variation pack with vanilla feeling textures. It changes over 80 blocks and includes 328 individual textures as well as including animated ores.

PLEASE  give feedback, bugs, or suggestions in the comments or here:

Not tested on android, ios, or xbox

Shaders used: esbe, duped clouds.

note: shaders are NOT included in this pack.

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- fixed tallgrass texture

- fixed bedrock textures

- added mycelium

- added mushrooms

- added tall fern

- added basalt + polished basalt

- added cracked blackstone bricks

- added autumn birch option



  • VanillaVariations v3.mcpack
  • VanillaVariations v2.mcpack
  • VanillaVariations.mcpack

Supported Minecraft versions


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Does the ores have the pre 1.17 looks still, or the new ones (as an idea, you could probably have two different subpacks, with one being the old ores, and one being the new)
As a sidenote, what shaders where you using at the top
this was my fave resource pack but it's not working in 1.17 anymore, please update
update ores plss
does this work on pc? because if it doesnt then its no use for me downlaoding it DX
Can i join ur discord? I have plenty of questions anyway 😁
Btw i love ur packs thanks for this
This texture pack is absolutely amazing. It makes the game so much better, I was looking for a texture pack like this for so long and I finally found it. This makes me very happy, can't wait to see what other wonderful things you add. Some ores shine too, I didn't expect that but it's so beautiful, especially the gilded blackstone. Everything is so pretty, I love it :DDD
Does it work on pocket edition???
Bro there is a new bug where the log textures get deleted at 12 am everyday and the textures become black. If possible please fix it and love ur texture pack. Would recommend updating the ores to the new ones tho. Thanks.
also if there was a way for mobs to stay the random texture originally applied that would be cool so that they dont look different everytime you enter the world
A. wrong pack my guy
B. I don't think so
only problem i found so far is that the autum birch leaves dont change in the inventory(they stay normal)
Can i use the code for making my own pack. Like a public one. Cuz I dont know any other method and I was wondering if u could do it like this. I wont use ur textures that's for sure! Anyways thanks alot
verry good pack i like it i use it in my privat pack and it worked first try together with my resorses! :-D
Seems like no one noticed, diamond, emeralds, gold and other shiny ores don't have variations.

How about different designs of cakes?
Hello men great texture is beautiful !!!!
I would like to ask you please if you give me permission to put your texture in my new job which is shaders for low-end devices !!!
Success Brother !!!!

sorry for my bad English :c