Published on September 22, 2022 (Updated on September 22, 2022)

Kit PvP with 20 Custom Kits!

Do you want a Kit PvP world with custom kits, a custom arena and more? Then well my new fully vanilla Kit PvP world is for you! It has 20 kits (and more coming!) all with unique items and effects like regenerating items, spawn eggs, and special effects! Like the Warden Kit with 6 extra hearts, permanent darkness, and a regenerating sword and potion. All the kits have a custom room just for them that matches their unique style. There are lots of fun areas in the arena like the fort, the tower, all the rocks and trees for cover, and the secret tunnel! It has a custom lobby with information on all the kits with what items and effects each kit has, it has lore for the arena and some settings for the arena.

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Updated some descriptions and credits and added a link to my YouTube.


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This is a great map. It has lots of creative kits, and very well made arena. Also all kits are well balanced.
So can I make a YouTube video on this map and shout you out but if so I want you too shout me out in return as in video link too my channel about your map or just shout me out in a discord or something and let me see thank you man have a nice day
If you are using his map you should probably shout out anyways, you dont need to ask for a shout out for you.
Sorry for late reply, but your welcome to make a video on this map as long as you link this mcpedl link. Though like browen said I'm not sure if it makes sense for me to shout you out, for shouting me out. Also as of right now I don't have a discord or a video on this map to shout you out in anyways.