Published on December 22, 2021 (Updated on March 26, 2022)

Kiyoshi's Artifacts Addon V.0.3.12 | Pillaging Update


This addon contains different artifacts usable by players.All artifacts can be used infinitely but has different amount of cooldowns.  To use an artifact just long-press or right click while holding it in your hand. The cooldown and the artifacts rarity and level are directly mentioned when holding a specific artifact

Note: Artifacts may harm your friends and pets if they're around the artifacts' reach. Turn on Holiday Creator Features

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Bug Fixes:

  • Artifacts missing
  • Sussy Paper not generating on Bonus Chests
  • Tier Crates missing
  • Hungry Boy not trading anything


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Excellent add-on, 10/10 for me and don't interfere with my other add-ons. I'm running it on a 1.18.2 realms server and all of my members just love it, it created interesting game play regarding pvp, exploration in finding artifacts, trading for artifacts between players. This gave new life to my server, thank you and easily one of our favorite add-ons. My players is very happy because some features like "launch ball" and rocket artifact makes the elytra sweet and there is just too many to mention. You have our heartfelt appreciation for your time and love you put into this add-on. The creator listens to suggestions, reply to questions and fix if there is bugs to fix.Can't wait to see what the future holds for this add-on and expect great things, well thought out and planned add-on.
Pls add more artifacts
Dungeon charm[epic]
Can be combined with obsidians to craft dungeon Greatsword
Dragon eye [mythical]
Can be combined with a pickaxe that can mine and obtain bedrock

Angelic iron[mythical]
Can craft shears from 2 angelic irons and the shear can silk touch monster spawners,crying obsidians and other blocks that can't be obtain with silk touch
Blood root[rare]
Can be combined with healing potion and get holy blood root[epic]
The holy blood root can be drinker and heal the player but the holy blood root will be infinite it means after you drinks it,it will reapear on ur
I really like this addon it's amazing, the only problem is that the hungry boy takes all the objects around him even those of the players, dying in front of him is a problem, and if you kill him he doesn't drop your objects, if it can be fixed That would be the best, they also appear a lot, I suggest that there is an option to regulate their appearance, thanks I am enjoying them a lot in my realm, I agree with the others that the Meltinger appear a lot in the nether and the dragon egg thing.
Are you delete your YouTube channel?
when i looked at the evocation cube, i was like, YO IS THAT THE DESIGN FROM MC DUNGEONS?!
A very entertaining add-on! Been having fun with this one combined with several other add-ons to balance the difficulty.

I do have a suggestion for an artifact if I may. A dog whistle artifact that summons tamed wolves that fight for you temporarily. How that sounds?
Kiyoshi where did u go reply to me on discord please man.
This mod is great. There is just one bug I find annoying that I hope you fix in a future update. Meltigers spawn like crazy in the nether and make it almost impossible to trek through.
I agree that the spawn rate of the Meltiger can be lowered a little;) , thanks would appreciate it Kiyoshi
this is an exelent mod, but there is one big problem, necro witches spawn VERY frecuently, i cant spend a sinlge night without 2 or more necro witches spawning close to my home, outside of that tere is no problem that i have come across.

i would also recomend for you to add some artifacts like this: raid horn- it adds the "raid" debuff for a few second, recall scroll- it teleports you to the last bed you slept on, and call of nature- it spawns a random vanilla animal like chickens, cows, foxes, wolfs, pandas, etc...
Thanks for all your effort and dedication,much appreciated as well as the bug fixes and "additional files" add-on fixing some issues:
1. Legendary Crates not giving Ore Upgrade and Evocation Cube=working
2. Revoker not dropping Evocation Cube=working
3. Meltiger not dropping Magma Gloves=working
4. Hungryboys showing trades(remember only on newly spawned hungryboys, I had to kill of old ones, the newly spawned works fine,even on my realms server.

One thing,maybe stupid question and some can answer for me maybe, The legendary crate can be crafted in survival, but recipe needs a dragon egg, which to my understanding there is only one, even on my realms server. Is there a way to get more dragon eggs, cause otherwise the crafting of legendary crates in survival realms server means only one crate can be crafted and then not working for us? Appreciate help here.

Just love this mod,me and my realm players and can't see playing without it
Oh yeah, right. I thought respawning dragons generates more dragon eggs- Ill change that soon, tnx for telling me😅
there is only one dragon egg in a world if you don't /give or cheat

unless if you make it so you can get more
Appreciate ,as on bedrock you can only get two dragon eggs by killing first one,respawning second and kill it,but after that there is no more dragon eggs irrespective of how many you spawn, the only other method is duplication glitches,but that gets patched frequently;)
Bro where your YouTube channel go?
MrAgentBlaze's Second Account March 28, 2022 at 6:25 am
Nice addon, can you share me the resource pack you're using as well?
Barebone Texture Pack? I forgot the name but its smth like that
What’s up with all the high quality mods recently? 10/10
IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)
maybe an artifact that is craftable. Like the cloner.

D= diamond block
N= netherite block
it would clone items from 1 to 16

cooldown is probably 120 seconds or more

rarity is mythic

just wanted to give an idea!
Was a while away so couldn't test when update came out, I tested in single player and realm with same results.
I'm currently on 1.18.12 and tested for bugs and what I can confirm being on addon version 0.3.17 is the following:
1. I get hungry boy ui and can trade successful.
2. There is artifacts missing and isn't even showing up in creative menu( the few i noticed so far, didn't check all):
2.1. Rocket boost missing
2.2 Magma gloves missing
2.3 North fan missing
2.4 egg capturer missing
2.5 common scrap missing
2.6 suspicious paper missing
2.7 Silver ring missing
2.8 Didn't see the crates in creative
So the older artifacts that we did have like rocket boost disappeared from inventory and can't be found even in creative

Thanks Kiyoshi Jack for updates and bug fixes when they come, we appreciate your time and effort and assisting and responding to us.
its 0.3.12
same ಥ_ಥ
Both links yt and mcpdle both give the same file with the same bugs like missing magma gloves spear fan and more please update to latest version.