Published on November 27, 2021 (Updated on November 28, 2021)

Kiyoshi's Artifacts

This addon contains different artifacts usable by players.

 All artifacts can be used infinitely but has different amount of cooldowns.  

To use an artifact just long-press or right click while holding it in your hand 

Note: Artifacts may harm your friends and pets if they're around the artifacts' reach. ( I will fix this very soon )

Current Addon Version: V.0.1

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Just made a few edits and adds a few pictures for a better look.

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I like so much this addon, you will update it?
Can you add durability and make the cooldown longer please
And i think the evil anvil is very op can you change it please
I did the command but it didn’t work
Thanks Kiyoshi, I appreciate your reply and awesome of you to look into matter, If I may be bold, it would be great if your solution is to add another means of aerial transport( like ex. Blaze or Bee or any other flying mob drops artifact for flight if you keep witches with health potion, thus I then only need your mod and not the xtra broom mod, anyway thanks your mod is truly awesome and can see the love and time you spend in it;)
Well, yeah. Ive on working on things now and that problem seems to be fixed cause I made new ways to get the artifacts. Yeah, you can still choose either you use mode where the artifacts to drop on witch and stuff or the mode which removes this features and make it vanilla friendly. You can understand it when the update comes, its mostly done and might be released this week. Your feedback is much appreciated, thank you very much :)
You might be able to use your xtra broom mod now :)
Appreciate your efforts and feedback, not many add-on creators reply and your just spectacular;) . I can't wait to test it again and just know all on the realm gonna love your mod. This is good news regarding the broom mod and look forward trying it out, thanks again for your trouble and efforts,kind regards
I was just thinking lying in bed and can't sleep,lol..what about maybe adding a "rocket" for Elytra that replenish? that also can add interesting flight mechanics, could be rare drop from Endermen or something. I just have to say that I like your mod a lot and saw in testing that this greatly improves exploration and adventure, my members on realms gonna love this
Awesome add-on and really works well on 1.18 realms server as well. Only reason I can't use it anymore is that I use another add-on that conflicts one specific item. The health potion that I saw the witches drop from this add-on makes that my "Flying broom" add-on from user, MauBasSick which drops (2/10), don't drop anymore. I need the flying broom add-on as the world is large to explore, so unfortunately I can't use your add-on.
I sincerely hope you can fix this or get a work around as your add-on is amazing, maybe similar vanilla friendly transport or other way to drop health potion
Absolutely Love this mod and all aritfacts i found so far worked perfectly.
Currently im playing With friends and im playing to build a dungeon for them to conquer so could u add more supportive relics taht summon minions for u to fight in Battle?
Amazing add-on I can tell you spent a lot of time on this, great job :D also a recommendation would be 3 things one when you join a world you should be given a book that shows all the artifacts and where to find them, and another would be adding a time clock which when activated would stop time for 10 seconds or at least slow it down heavily the cool down should be around 150-200 seconds, and a last recommendation would be a Vikings horn which when used would give you speed 5 and str 5 but give you blindness and have a 200-300 second cool down other than that great mod.
This is an amazing addon! I think you can polish a lot of the artifacts by adding a sound effect when you activate them! πŸ‘
Whats the song used in the video? Great addon
Great Addon!!!

Can you add wither bone?
This artifact will give a mobs wither for 5~15 seconds

Can you add clock of time?
Will stop the time for 10 seg :D

Can you add the stick?
The stick have a knockback very very powerful, when hit a entity... she is "flying" hahaha

Can you add anvil?
Will give resistance 5 and slowness 10 for 10 seconds

Can you add hive?
Will summoning angry bee and will attack a mobs