Published on February 21, 2021 (Updated on February 21, 2021)

Lava Parkour Run

This is a map where the aim is to survive. You have to make a series of jumps with a twist. There is a giantic lava wave following you as you go along with the parkour. Can you beat the wave?

This is a minigame where you are spawned in to a full hub to view some settings. Once you click start, you and your friends will get 10 seconds to run until the lava starts to spawn every 10 ticks. There are 2 levels and it is decently hard to beat. Can you survive and beat the wave and your friends?

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Changed the lobby so there is a ladder

The timer is actual seconds.

Sound effects added.

Download Link uploaded


Click the link, then wait until it says 'skip as' at the top right corner and wait 15-25 seconds until the download window pops up.


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As someone whose sole focus in minecraft is parkour, I really enjoy this map as a sep down from competitions and a way to chill out. Just wish it was a little longer or slightly more challenging, but overall for a map it is really high quality especially with the lava wave:)
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I will make a 2nd version of it and it will be a lot longer, not for a while though as it seems to not get as much downloads :)
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I love this types of world, please make more and extend this one, plzzz
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