Published on November 29, 2020 (Updated on November 29, 2020)

LC SCP Resource Pack 2

This is a new resource pack for SCP Foundation Facility.
Also, some texture is made to resemble SCP Lockdown mod, so it looks cool.
And I changed the way textures are made. It's better than the previous resource pack

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  • Changed Brief Introduction
  • Added more images
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It's a great pack of resources to make your sites easy, they look pretty good and it changes a lot of textures
Nice and great! I really loved your scp addons! I wanted to make Site 61 and also wanted to use this! And i loved how there's some SCP: Lockdown mod Textures, it's really amazing!
HI ive been waiting for this! Hey LC how's your SCP-096 addon doing? Anyway's I made a SCP Label's pack useing addon maker but idk how to post it can u tell me how? The label's are also from java so it will go great with the texture pack! How to uplod to mpcedl?
I'm second place,lc is first
First,and yes its out