LC SCP Resource Pack

LC SCP Resource Pack will surely complete the facility you want to build. 

The pack contains a lot of cool textures. This was also made when I was free. 

Feel free to use it on the your map!


Trailer Video

Pack Information

  • Be sure to write credits when using the pack (including when shooting videos).
  • This pack was created to mimic the texture of SCP – Containment Breach Game. Credits will be given to the SCP:CB production team. licensed under the CC BY-SA 3.0.

Changelog View more
  • Increased descriptions
  • Add a video
  • Change the featured image
  • Add more installation guides

Add a direct download link (mcpack only)

*Please use if you do not know or cannot use MEGA


Installation Guide for Windows 10

  1. Download the mcpack file in MEGA link or Direct Download
  2. Complete the download
  3. Double click (or Open) to install to Minecraft

Installation Guide for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

  1. Download the zip file in MEGA link
  2. Complete the download
  3. Unzip the file
  4. Manual import to game (File location: Minecraft > games > com.mojang > resource_packs)

When difficult to using MEGA

  1. Click "Direct Download"
  2. Complete the download
  3. Open file to install to Minecraft


Supported Minecraft versions


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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

18 Responses

4.15 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. VALVᴱ says:

    Great Resource/ Texture pack!
    really did help with other things not related to the SCP Foundation

  2. Triple X tenation says:

    173 is not working

  3. Scpboi says:

    I love this pack! It really helped when I built a site 22 of my own!

  4. SG Studios says:

    Great job! The only thing is that 173 doesn’t work, and may I request you add some more such as 049, 106, and 939?

  5. Alfaizchan says:

    I will give credit in my map
    And my YouTube video

  6. Alfaizchan says:

    Hi LC Studios! Can I use your scp resource pack for my Scp Breach Remake v3?

  7. Yes_im_an_xbox_user says:

    This is me adjusting my rating, since I don’t really know how to edit my comment lol.

  8. Yes_im_an_xbox_user says:

    Well, this is me adjusting my rating, don’t know how to edit comments, if thats even possible, anyway, give this mod 5/5. You should add scp textures in a future update.

  9. Yes_im_an_xbox_user says:

    Hey, if you could make this avalible for xbox that would be great. Then and only then I will adjust my rating.

  10. Lights Savi0r says:

    If you can, please make the downloads easier for Xbox.

  11. BendyDemon9899 says:

    Hey just for future reference, can I use this for a map(s)?

  12. dorlonkho says:

    Very good, I will use it from now on

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