Published on December 17, 2019 (Updated on January 11, 2020)

LegitXSkilzz Function Pack

Are you tired of typing long or individual commands all at once? Or youre just lazy?

Welp, LegitXSkilzz Function Pack or LXSFP is what you needed! You can type commands all at once! Need a command block and a barrier? Do /function givecbs and you get all of it! EZ

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Version 1.2

  1.  Added MediaFire links
  2. Added another page


  • Sum10 - Summon 10 choice of mobs at ONCE!
  • Up - TPs player on a specific height then places a block underneath
  • Drain - Drains choice of blocks or both
  • Particles - Shows list of possible usable particles
  • Sounds - Shows list of usable sounds for /playsound command

   3. Better VEINMINER

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

It's not letting me do any of the commands even though i'm owner of the realm, do you know what i'm doing wrong? :/
Could you please give me an example for using a command to that player only
I LOVE THIS FUNCTION PACK! Im "Cookie The Gaming Master" I commented on your floating islands lobby video!
Why is the aimbot not working
I also noticed that.. im still trying to fix it.. sry
How might i go about editing this pack to shorten things f=so my lazy butt just has to type /f instead of function? And add some commands like shorter gmc or gms?
unfortunately.. the way function packs work is
An .mcfunction file is edited with a text editor and place multiple commands
To execute a function file.. u need to do /function and not /f
I honestly also want that when /function was created..
About gmc and stuff
Just download a keyboard called "TouchPal" and set the shortcut for "/gamemode c" to "gmc"
I use TouchPal and its so easy to type /gamemode c @s
Hey can i use it as a template? I will delete ALL function files. And if you want, i can give you credits.
You can, it doednt matter if u credit me or not.. I also used a template from Element X
Thanks I really appreciate it
This function pack i can create for addon? Like flying function?
You mean do a "/function fly" as a thing? And you want to use this for your addon? Sure you can use this for your addon as long as theres a credit.. Ill try the /function fly
The v1.1 is currently on approvals and It might be buggy due to limitations of Bedrock Commands.. But TYSM for the support <3
can you make more that is more over powered please
10/10 Just it’s good I hope you update it.
Im currently working on vein miner and stuff like those..