Published on March 30, 2019

LEVELED [Parkour]

Leveled is a parkour map consisting of 8 levels, one of them being an invisible parkour. Each level has its own distinct features and can be challenging for some but playing with your friends may give you that extra bit of confidence and push you to completing this map :D


  • flLEVELED.mcworld

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Started in the wrong gamemode at the wrong position, but aside from that little mishap, it was a fun map
physically impossible jumps, boring, not a good map.
all jumps are possible, but very boring map
I need tutorial to pass the sand area, without creative mode. I try all jump types and i not pass of the portal. area in10th photo.
was really awesome and fun! :D just think you should've saved last at the beginning in adventure mode but that doesn't really matter haha.

the one problem I came across was that the cacti would grow after a while and prevent you from getting to the next area.

overall I thought it was a lot of fun and a great challenge :D
Well done! Love the map so much. Plays so well. The only issue I had was with the cactus areas. I think they grow and that made the end of the cactus area after the snow one not doable? But I could be wrong in how I was approaching it?
Other that I loved all the designs!

Great Job!! <3
Why doesn't it let me play I have 1.9.1 version
fun but you start in the wong are