Lever Puzzle

This map introduces challenges and puzzles to flick 2 levers, opening the doors. Various different methods were used to make this map as fun as possible. It has been tested by countless people, including myself, before being submitted to this very website! With 10 easy and challenging levels, you will sure have a blast! Is your brain and skills powerful enough to do it? The reason this map is not of a long length is because it is a great map for speedrunning. In fact, this map was made entirely for speedrunning! Dash through the levels at high speed to try to beat your highscore! The possibilities are endless! Whether or not you are pro, or a noobie, you can still speedrun this map! If you enjoyed speedrunning this map, send a video of your record on Discord! My username is Antny Gamer#4548! I would be glad to see your times! Face through confusing puzzles and tricky parkour jumps! Anyway, a lot of hard work and tedious redstone was put into this to make it the best it possibly can be. Enjoy!

These are the levels in this awesome puzzle game! Please note the photos go Level 10->Level 1->Hub
Each room has been created carefully with the intent to not make one room extremely hard. My speedrun record is a little over 5 minutes! There is also a tiny secret room hidden some where... can you find it? Let's see!

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Updated the brief introduction! I hope you enjoy this! :)


Click on the green text that says "Lever Puzzle - Download" and you should be good to go! Please do not cheat and enjoy!


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WannabeGamer38393 July 14, 2021 at 9:12 am
This was awesome! I had a great time on it
There's not a lot puzzle here, it's hard parkour and trying to survive mobs.
Yes that's the point. The puzzle trying to figure out how to do it...