Published on August 11, 2020 (Updated on August 11, 2020)

Life: Find The Button

Do you enjoy playing games involving puzzles? How about searching for things? Well, here is my first world I created officially to the public! This world is based upon Life. Take an adventure to different places around the world! From a House to a School! 

If you record on this world. Please give credit to me as it took me effort to build this! Download is a .mcworld. Here are some images for the game!

Level 1: Home Sweet Home

Level 2: Cold Night

Level 3: Factory

Level 4: Cold Home

Level 5: School

Level 6: Fortress

Select version for changelog:


*Fixed Exploit (First Level Button was broken)

*Changed download link to newer world


Click the Mediafire Link

Click Download 

Wait for it to download.

Click the downloaded file.

Let it import the world onto your game.


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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Wow xD that was hard. Level 1 is interesting, level 2-4 is hard to find xD, level 5 is pretty easy :D, and the last part is fun and easy :D Thank you for your work ^^)/
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Bruh first level is so hard give us a difficulty curve
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