Published on February 18, 2020 (Updated on February 18, 2020)

Loki's Dungeon Adventure Map

Wassup adventures.. get ready for the greatest adventure in your life.

You get mission from your captain to exploring and clearing the "Loki's Dungeon" from the monster.

  • This map contains:
  • 3 Main dungeons
  • 4 Hidden dungeons
  •  Beautiful stuctures inside the dungeons
  • Several Maze

Main Base


Weapon Shop

Enchanting Table Room


First Main Dungeon

Designed with Spiral stairs into the top.

With beautiful structures inside the dungeon

Second Main Dungeon

Dungeon Maze

Maze available on this map to make your adventure more longer and epic!!

Designed with beautiful structures around the mazes.

Hidden Dungeon

You need to explore the main base to opening the hiden maze gates.

The hiden maze gates will filled with Sand Block and will opened automatically when you succesfully cleared the Main Dungeons

Dungeon Outskirts


 This map took several months to finished.

Im using World Edit and World Painter on PC and export it into Win 10 & Bedrock Version.

If you want to post this map on another site.

 Please Leave some credits for me by using this post.







Conquest Texture Pack


Endurance Shader

*Screenshot taken from my phone*


The pack is using .mcworld format.

when your downloading finished.

Open your download folder

(Bedrock Edition)

Tap to Open the file from the phone notification & select Open with minecraft 

(Win 10)

Select the mcworld file in download folder and double click the mcworld file, it will imported to your minecraft automatically.


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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This map is looking sooooo goood but can we do it as multiplayers ? If yes it would be great
How am I supposed to play if I spawn as a zombie? I can't even use first person. You have given zero guidelines on what I should do.
Other than a cool looking map, I don't see the purpose of this. It is far to big to be a good adventure map. Yes it is pretty, but not functional.