Published on September 25, 2022 (Updated on December 22, 2022)

Loot Bags

This is an addon that some may already know, the loot bags are bags of luck in which you can get anything in a list of loots from each loot bag

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- Added a new loot bag (Nether Loot Bag)   

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I can't understand the Posible loot text and my Google Translate not working please use English
Also delete the player.json cuz ANYONE HATE IT WHEN YOU USE A GUN ADDON
Bruh please use English in the loot text the Google Translate can't translate it cuz it's too many
Hello! I seem to notice that this addon is similar to an older one, did you update that addon with an extra rarity and different textures or did you build this addon from scratch? Just curious.
How do you even open the bags?
With right click (keyboard and mouse), LT on a block (control) or keeping pressed on a block (phone)
A fun thing to do with my fantasy addon, i could add recipes for the bags which would make a magic version of them which wouldinstead give the player a spell of the bags rarity, like a fun lil collab thing :D, like add mythic dust to a uncommon loot bag to pull a random uncommon spell book
You can contact me on instagram and tell me how you have saved the names of your items so you can add your items