Published on August 06, 2021 (Updated on August 06, 2021)

Loot Pots Addon (with Dungeons)

 As the name implies, this addon adds pots with completely random loot. all of these pots can be found in custom dugeons, loot quality has to do with pot rarity.

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once again Updating the page to be accepted, I explained it much better and in much more detail.


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Could you update this for 1.18+? It currently doesn’t work.
can u add customizable loot?
This one actually complements the vannila game but I could see the duengons being a little more than what they are right now with some custom loot maybe like the staff of undead which is one use and let's u change the positions of the spawners I have a plan to make it a little balanced. Feel free to contact me on discord if u like the idea. My discord: CreativelyTerrible