Published on May 03, 2023 (Updated on April 06, 2024)

Darkness Expansion [REWORK] (dungeons, mobs & items)

This addon adds creatures and items with the theme of darkness.All items that are not obtained in the crafting table are dropped from mobs. most mobs spawn in the negative layers, but Blizzard only spawns in the dark dungeon.

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made a stable version 

new mob: Blizzard 

new particles, New Mechanics

All items have been retextured

new spawn rules

new dungeon: Dark Dungeon 

Penumbra is no longer craftable

Supported Minecraft versions

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very good addon, good work
I like this addon it so Original. I Hope to see creative Idea like this in the future keep it up 👍 (and I like that it survived friendly)
I quite like to make original and creative addons, thank you so much for appreciating this ♥️
Yo, I was wondering if you can make a separate one where there isn’t any mobs and you can only get the items through creative, my reason as I run a lore server and don’t want everyone having these abilities as I think it’s really cool, ty for reading
Have a good one.