Lowrider Addon | More Animation Update!

Hello there low rider fans!, are you looking for lowriders car? in minecraft!!?? well i make one now! , i hope you like it yoo.. this time i bring you guys my dream car, yes it's Lowrider. ENJOY!

  • Basic Info :

This vehicle have 0.50(Normal) speed

Animated Wheels, Speedo meter, Body, Wipers!


  • To use Command :

/summon hp:lowrider

/summon hp:red_vintage

/summon hp:silverado

/summon hp:silveradodrift


Or you can find it at Nature tab at EGG section.

  • Images ( Render And In-Game )





Top and Interior


  • Update v2

Red Vintage Added!


  • Update v3

Silverado Added!


  • Update v4

Silverado Drift Added!


  • Update v5

Wipers Added (included to all models!) see the changelog below for more info.


  • Video


Do not claim this models as yours!.

Do not claim this render as yours!.

You are allowed to modify this Addon.

Use MCPEDL Link if you wanna share it.

Comment if you found a bug!

Select version for changelog:



  • Model Re-Scale (Close to AshMinggu Models)
  • Models now have wipers!
  • Model Changed again




1. Click Download LINVERTISE

2. Click check mark box "i'm not a robot"

3. Wait 5 Second and click "Free Acces with ads"

4. Click "Discover Articel"-> wait 10 second's -> close by "X"

5. Click "Continue"

6. Scroll down and click "Download"



1. Click Download WEBSITE

2. there will be a "Backup MCPEDL Project" at home page

3. and select "Vehicle"

4. find "Low Rider"

5. and download (there will be available download via ADFLY and LINKVERTISE



1. Click Download ADFLY

2. Wait 5 second's

3. Click SKIP

4. Click Allow

5. Download and apply


Installation Guides

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4.92 / 5 (12 votes)
Radak2 Cool Ya kan
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It looks cool, for a second i thought it could fly doo to how the lights look like thrusters at the bottom of the car.
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Both link "Download Latest Version" (v3) adfly and linkvertise, are the same Version, its typo LMAO XD
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Hmmmmmm........Can you make GTR R35 Nismo? thats should be cool
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I thought the headlights, backlights and stuff inside the vehicle can glow in the Addon just like the renders.
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Great mod good controls and nice render but one question how do I turn on the neon lights under the car and how do I turn on the headlights?
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Damnn the model looks so epic! Especially with that rendering, great work!
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Next update gonna suprise you all, i update almost every my upload in mcpedl. UwU
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OMG You Guys Are Underrated I Love This The Model The Animations Are Dope As Freak, Keep It Up, Now That I Know You Guys I'll Support Y'all, But Yeah For Now Let's Admire This Masterpiece And I Did An Add-on Review I Just Wanna Say I Loved It Keep It Up And Good Luck I'm Gonna Join The Discord Server :P
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A classic vintage at its finest. Good job!
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