Published on January 08, 2021 (Updated on January 08, 2021)

LOZ: Breath of the Wild Terrain

Just the LOZ: Breath of the Wild terrain remade in Minecraft. At almost a 1:1 scale with plenty of vegetation, there is much to explore. Keep in mind that it is not 100% accurate, and there will be some block update or terrain bugs. I made it in WorldPainter and imported it to Bedrock Edition. 

Some screenshots were taken in-game on Bedrock Edition, while other were rendered using an external program rendering software called Chunky. NOTE: I made this map myself using a program called WorldPainter, then exported it to Bedrock Edition, Use the map however you want. 

Great Plateau - In-Game ViewHyrule Castle - In-Game ViewGreat Plateau - Chunk RenderHyrule Castle - Chunky RenderHyrule - Chunky RenderFaron - Bedrock RTXGreat Plateau Mountains - In-Game View

This project (Minecraft: Breath of the Wild) was started back in April of 2020. It’s a modpack and server for Java Edition that will soon be public. For more info join r/BOTWinMinecraft. 

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I added that I made the map myself, as well as more description about the project and the map. 

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Looks great! I just hope someone can build the structures for it.
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Looks sick, can't wait to try it, might work well with BOTW addons.
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Nice but i feel lonely
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