Published on February 27, 2021 (Updated on September 25, 2021)

Prehistoric Park

To begin with, this map was created by my El Sando and I did it to create a world where the island of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World were only one, the enclosures, structures and constructions of the same 



Prehistoric Park

It is an island in minecraft based on the jurassic park and jurassic world movies where you will find new and many combined structures from the saga. 



This will have more than 10 enclosures for dinosaurs, more than 10 structures and innovative constructions and much more, including a great volcano too huge! 

Suport video:

How does it work?

To start you will appear in the typical jurassic world ship in survival mode, there you will find a map and food to start your adventure !!! 


Then we follow the path; which is very important and good that I did since so you will not get lost, there you will find the easter eggs of jurassic park 


Then you will get on a minecart and it will take you to the gates of the park which look very beautiful at night (this map can be used in night mode since it is very well lit in urban areas and roads) 


This path will take you directly to the visitor center which is linked to the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World parks. 


Already inside this great construction you can find too many things such as fossils, minigames, maps, books and more that are familiar with the saga of jurassic park and jurassic world 



The minigames on the island are very fun, the best known and coolest is to look for the dinosaur fossils, you will find it in the visitor center, you will also find a pool in the shape of dinosaur fossils !!!

Suport video


Then you will look for the part where it says "welcome to Prehistoric Park" it will take you directly to the enclosures of the island

T rex kingdom the great fusion

Now you can play with the t rex of the PREHISTORIC LIFE addon (download it now)

If you are a fan of the saga and very detailed you will have noticed that the initial part of the enclosure is based on the jurassic park structure and the back part is based on the structure or the typical trunk of jurassic world 

the t rex enclosure is designed exactly for the prehistoric life t rex, it looks great with the animations of this incredible addon


Spinosaurus and baryonyx enclosure

In these two enclosures the aquatic environment stands out, perfect for these two prehistoric creatures 

With the prehistoric life addon you can place your dinosaurs to your liking, all are designed for incredible dinosaurs

the spinosaurus is a great aquatic predator that is why its enclosure is both aquatic and terrestrial

Most of the enclosures have their corresponding food, these will be in dispensers


The Great Aviary

A very complete and large environment and enclosure where you can put your flying dinosaurs so that they can fly freely 

with prehistoric life you will find these beautiful dinosaurs, their animations and the map are only perfect

these dinosaurs have the behavior of landing in trees where you can find their nests

this large enclosure has different easter eggs from the jurassic park movies, find them !!!



Raptor paddock

Another great easter egg of the movies if you are a retailer you will see how the enclosures of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World are perfectly united 

With the new addon added you will be able to see these incredible kidnappers, which will move in different parts of the enclosure

you will be able to feed them and you will be able to see them in this incredible merged enclosure

other enclosures:
the beauty of having this addon and this map in your minecraft is that there are more than 16 mobs and 16 new enclosures

all new features are great to play freely and play with all your friends

In addition to everything mentioned, you will find Easter eggs of my addons, find them now

 Suport video

Many constructions 



Herbivorous Dinosaur Enclosure

a very very large enclosure full of vegetation to feed all your herbivorous dinosaurs 

Prehistoric life adds too many new dinosaurs, including large herbivores, place them now and create your incredible island of dinosaurs

do not forget to secure your enclosures in addition to being a visitor you are the park administrator

dinosaurs are animals, not food, raise them and take care of them in your enclosure, do not kill them


The aquarium

an enclosure divided into 4 parts, 2 for huge marine dinosaurs and 2 for smaller marine dinosaurs, in this enclosure you will find a position to better see these animals 


The great volcano

One of the greatest things besides the natural mountains is this great volcano, where you will find a spectacular view in the viewpoints that will be near it. 

the volcano and the dinosaurs make the map look cooler




Select version for changelog:


new prehistoric decorations, improvements in the prehistoric pool as the new decorations, the aesthetics of the bone of this same pool and the lighting of the entire island were improved


1. Download the Prehistoric Park map and the Prehistoric Life Addon
2. import the prehistoric life addon onto the map
3. put the dinosaurs to your liking and invite all your friends
4. Ready to play


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4.33 / 5 (6 votes)
great job you have 1 respect from me (this must be hard work)
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4 Stars please can u make names at the at the entrance of the Enclosures cuz im having a hard time guessing the Enclosures i will give 5 stars if u name it btw have a great day:)
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can you make a map or something to show the intended way to place the dinos
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Is it ok to alter the behaviors/resources of an addon? Say it wouldn't be ok if I used this addon's models and retextured them for their own addon. But like if I don't like how the 3 ton bajadasaurus is the size of a 40 ton apatosaurus, or I want to rename the velociraptor to a different genus because I am using another addon that already has velociraptor in it and I don't want 7 different velociraptors. This would only effect the files on my device and nobody else could have a correct size bajadasaurus or velociraptor that isn't a velociraptor, if someone downloads the addon it will be the same as the owner made it to be.
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How do you tame and ride?
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PREHISTORIC_WORLD April 24, 2021 at 1:45 pm
Well, im building a Jurassic World styled park to... And the name is Prehistoric World and its close tu ur park name is it a problem for you ? And its with the same mod (and some others) You never know you find me a copy cat or something i just want to know for sure That it isnt a problem.
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Cuánto tarda en eclosionar el huevo yo puse varios estuve como una hora y no eclocionan
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Can you make a custom survibal deserted island pls
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i luv this map only thing is that u should put real dinos in the enclosures!!!
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Looks good but I cant import it to minecraft. Idk if I'm doing something wrong but it doesn't show up on the world list when I try to import it
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Great! you did it! you can copied whole of entire jurassicverse with good and smooth way, i really satisfied, thanks for not inserting addon/shader/texture there because it will make your map become larger than original world, it feels like i just went to isla nublar, very cool
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Ḧ̵̡͍͍́̚e̸͙̒́͜r̴͓͉̞̚̚͝o̵̙͖̪̒̀͝b̴͉͚͔͛̈́͠r̴͎͚͕̿͘í̸̟̙̽͌͜ń̵͍͙͇͐̔e̵͉̟͇̔͊͝ February 27, 2021 at 11:39 am
Woah! Great job! i liked it so much!
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Thanks my friend subscribe to my channel for more content
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