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Published on December 26, 2020 (Updated on December 26, 2020)

Lucky Block Addon [50+ Drops]

This lucky block mod has over 50 drops to the block. One of the most closest port to the popular Minecraft java edition mod, spawns items, lootchests. tnt and diamonds.

Bring a little more chance to your world with this lucky block mod. results that are both good and bad, such as a diamond tower or a lava pit, it's easy to craft all you need is 8 gold ingots and a dropper.

Here's some examples of the drops,

The lucky block recipe,

or you can do /give lb:lucky_block 1

Do not:

Put a MediaFire link into any website and do not use other Link shorteners to give access to this page!

Re-upload onto any online device such as other mod websites

You Can:

Use this addon in luckyblock minigames or any other modpacks with linking this addon page or my mcpedl profile.

Supported Minecraft versions

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i'm not rating it cuz i know what the drops are in the blocks, i'll rate it next time i comment and that will be after linkvertise, anyways, did it say close if it says to activate notifications? i'm perfecly fine with activating notifications cuz i can just block the app notifications later if i'm done downloading mods or addons on it, so i'm perfectly fine with it. thank you for warning me though :).
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