Published on February 24, 2020 (Updated on February 27, 2020)

Admin Command Pack (For Servers)

This Function pack will make you life easier as a server/map creator incuding functions, Clear Chat, Feed, Developer Mode, Fly, TpAll, Night Vision And info fuctions such us Color Codes, and wool color ids, Perfect for a server

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  • Updated The link so there is an .zip file and an .mcpack file


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Bruh, its so cool btw the command /function colorcodes, what is that for and 1 more question How do you make mcpack
The Way I know to make a Mcpack is to rename the .zip to .mcpack and that should work
but how do you do the function command if you dont have op?
If you own lol
You need to have Op to use these commands, that means being operator in the world or server you are in. (Survival Worlds won't allow this, unless you activate cheats on)
How does that with the ColorID functionate?
Please tell me how to education edition in MCPE servers
Guest-1312121538 May 25, 2020 at 9:09 am
Can you add a command when u give /timer start then a timer will start from 0:00 for like challenges of stuff Im searching for something like that
ad.fy absolute joke on this one... you don't deserve any money just for been greedy by enabling all the bad stuff od ad.fy
can you tell how clear chat works in game with cmd im a professional cmd here using script can u tell me how it works/the command thanks!.
It clears the chat by spamming the chat using tellraw commands the chat has a limit and if succeeded will delete the previous messages
you should add the .mcpack onto the link because they are both zip files
Even though its a zip, you can rename the .zip part to .mcaddon and it will become a minecraft addon file, or just unzip it -_-
Hi, the addon works great on a realm, how can I write something on the screen like in the 3rd image?
What do you mean 3rd party image like a photo of a ??
You need /invsee to be a true admin command pack
Im afraid this is can not be made at this moment maybe in the future
RomanMender - (login bug)

I may of found a way using the new scripting api this is only supported on Pc so far so you will have to wait a bit also i am new to api coding and javascript
both are .zip XD
I also have a function pack posted like last December.. ALL of the functions you have here also got mine.. I got even more..
even the function names are the same like the colorID and colorcodes.. is this a rip-off? Just asking
5 stars for the effort