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Published on July 10, 2020 (Updated on July 13, 2020)

MAGIC COOKIES (and More Cookies)

You like cookies so good!! To me too so I made this addon, there are cookies of different game characters that also look good as decoration, you will have to make the molds first to be able to make cookies, and now you can make oreo cookies step by step enjoy the addon there will be more updates


You need the mold base just do this crafting

You can make all the molds in the clipper

After making the molds (or before, of course) you can make the chocolate, which will give you 10 bars just for the loss of the tray :(

Now you will have to make the dough, it will also give you 10 for the lost bucket, the cookies are almost ready

Continuing with the chocolate, you will have to melt it in the oven, now yes, everything is ready for the cookies

Done, now you have this crafting and replace the molds with the cookies you want, wait, still need to put them in the oven

Enjoy your cookies, they all have different effects

Now you can make oreo cookies, you just need to make the chocolate dough

Then just put the dough in any slot and give you 4 bases for cookies that will be enough for 2

Now make the delicious part of the cookies, the stuffing

Now yes, gather the cookies and eat them, they are delicious but because you made them yourself

If you want to invite your friends oreo cookies just make this recipe to give you a bag for cookies

Now just put 4 cookies in any position and the bag will be closed with the 4 cookies,To have the cookies returned just put the bag in any slot

Cookie armor, what will it feel like, this armor will give you speed

Picture of what it looks like:

Kirby will give you the effects of jumping and falling slowly

Megaman will give you the effects of jump and endurance

Sonic will give you the speed and jump effects

Charmander will give you the fire resistance effects

Mario bros will give you the jump effect

Creeper will give you the night vision effect

The hen will give you the effect of slow fall

Pikachu will give you the absorption effect

Link will give you the effects of resistance and heroe of the village

Finn the human will give you the effects, resilience, recovery and hero of the village

Jake the dog will give you the effects, regeneration and night vision, you can eat it with my Finn and your best friend;)

Bmo will give you the effects, slowness, endurance and night vision, slowness will only last for a short time, fear not

Uuuu springtrap, he will give you the effects of slowness,nausea, regeneration, stamina and night vision, the negative effects last for a short time

Mangle will give you the effects, speed, impulse in jump,nausea, night vision, at the moment are the only ones of fnaf but soon I will add more

Squirtle will give you the effects, acoustic breathing, night vision and conduit power, only one missing for your collection of pokemon eh, soon I will add to bulbasaur

Sans,sans,saans the most beloved skeleton he, is the best galleta of all, enjoy it for now that I will soon add a crafting just to be able to have a delicious galleta of sans, for now his crafting is the basic of all, he will give you the effects, speed, jump drive, regeneration, endurance, fire resistance, recovery and absorption, it is almost equal to a notch apple, the difference is that it is sans sans ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hatsune miku will give you the effects of regeneration and recovery

Pacman, he will give you the effects, hunger and recovery, a little tip, use it to eat better cookies;)


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-More cookies were added with the effects_________________________

-Fixed bugs when eating cookies (sonic)__________________________


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How do you How do you get the item to create the mold apart from the iron?get the item to create the mold apart from the iron?
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you can do it with commands

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Yooooooooo, you do realize a crafting recipe can have multiple different items, i.e. the cake recipe produces 1 cake & 3 buckets. So just stop making it have 10 results & just make it so it gives the bucket back.
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I don't understand what you mean, what do you mean? sorry:c
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sorry it was just me I'm new to this
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Thank you very much:D
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