Published on June 08, 2020 (Updated on June 11, 2020)

Magic items

This addon adds craftable objects which give you special abilities so that while you have them in hand you will have that ability, the lightning bolt, the water trident and the okan gem, also add 1 new mineral which is between layers 0 and 30.

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* fixed bugs related to stone okan

 * new sword okan cast stone pupa

 * modified the layer in which the mineral came out before 0 to 30 now from 0 to 40

 * modified how many minerals can you find before 1 now out of 4 out of 6


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Cool addon tho tbh the magma stick kinda looks like a hot dog and the sponge stick kinda looks like a flute ?
Thanks for having downloaded it very soon I will be removing a food addon ????
First reply it looks awesome is it just andriod?
I’m not the creator, but this works on iPhones and androids alike, you just need to enable experimental gameplay on the world creation settings for the addon to work.
If it works on android, iphone, windows 10 and xbox one, ps4