Published on March 13, 2024 (Updated on April 10, 2024)

PokeBedrock | Pokémon Addon with over 400+ Models, Shrines, Fully Built Battle System, and so much more!

A Minecraft Bedrock Pokémon Addon that enabled the world of Pokémon inside Minecraft. Play with over 400 Pokémon and experience a full survival experience allowing you to catch, train, battle, and learn a brand new aspect of Minecraft with all Pokémon Starters from Generation 1 through 9. With PokéBedrock you can experience a fully functioning battle system, trade with friends, and battle and create your own trainers right from inside the game. 

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4/10/24- Updated download link to website, included new version.

v1.6.14 / PC, Mewtwo, Mimikyu and Swellow

- Added Mimikyu and Swellow to the Addon

- Updated Mew and Mewtwo Models.

- Implemented new PC system and PC UI.

- Pokemon now use Species names instead of PokeApi ID Names

- Giratina's name no longer has `-altered` at the end of it.


4/2/24- Removed Broken Image in description

4/1/24- Added new link to website.

v1.6.13 / Infernape, Bugs, and New Growth Types

- Added a Default `index.js` file that imports the compiled `main.js` this is to make easier if the pack uses `disableWatchdog` or not.

- Removed Un-used `itemData` forms

- Removed Un-used Imports in `on_interact`

- Now when Pokémon Get sent out `pokeb:gender` and `pokeb:shiny` properties are set, so the resource pack and read it.

- Updated queued shiny flare to ensure its the right `eventId`, that `Entity.dimension` is valid, and that its in a proper location.

- Fixed Infernape messing up the summary UI by prefixing the GUI with `Pokemon:`

- Updated the Mapped Moves, this fixes Yveltal, and other new Pokémon who cannot battle.
- Added Interpretation for `slow-then-very-fast` and `fast-then-very-slow` experience growth types.

- Pokémon without a base experience default at 100

- Re-fetched all Moves & Pokémon Data.

- Pokémon now use the appropriate PokeBedrock ID so it can work correctly with the resource pack

- Pokemon Icons now map to the correct path for *special* names.


[WARNING] PokeBedrock Public Now comes with 2 Types, a Realms Version *(No Watchdog)* and a World/Server Version *(With Watchdog)*, This ensures that we can release a pack that both works on realms, and lower end devices by disabling watchdog on those devices.


3/30/24 - Removed Unused links, and only kept the link for downloading on discord.

3/27/24 - Inserted link to a YouTube video showcasing the addon, how to use it, how to get started, and more!

3/25/24 - Updated Command Details, and added documentation to help people on realms, and the world manage their addon.


v1.6.11, New Battle UI & Bugs

- Updated Battle to new Resource pack and new Battle UI

- Fixed being able to spam rare candies when a Pokémon is evolving

- Linked Behavior Pack with resource pack version v2.9.10

Update v1.6.10, Removed `@minecraft/debug-utilities`

- Removed `@minecraft/debug-utilities`, as it does not work on realms.

Update v.1.6.8, New Pokémon, Bugs, and startup fixes

- Added new `-gui` command to be used by players to re-receive back there GUI

- Removed Skorupi, Shaymin and Drapion because they do not have models.

- Added Wailord, Wailmer, Mareanie, Toxapex, Yveltal, Armaldo, and Taillow

- Fixed a lot of broken spawn rules, and spawn effects

- If a Pokémon already had data set, it will not be reset on load

- Pokémon that are not registered on world load, are now caught when the pack starts up.

- Now on start-up, all players will be looped to ensure they are registered

- Fixed EXP not being received after the battle ends

- Fixed Pokémon that did not drop items after battle

- The pack now loads through `System.runJob` this should* improve the speed of startup, and make it more device-friendly.

[WARNING] The UUID __does not__ update anymore and only the version gets changed, meaning if you do not see `v1.6.8` in your behavior packs, please delete the old pack and try again. This was done to fix data reset after every update.

Update v1.6.7

- Fixed shrines not being interactable (this is because of how MC reworked their timings)

- Added Orbs Recipes

- Fixed the Trade Machine from not working.


Update v1.6.6

- Fixed Pokemon not being able to swim or fly when mounting


Update v1.6.5

- Updated to 1.20.70/71

- Added more error handling in loading

- Watchdog is now disabled on load, and re-enables on startup


Update v1.6.3

- Fixed Shrines from not spawning the legendary

- Decryption speed has lowered in hope for use on lower devices ( if this does not work, I might revert back for higher speeds )

- Updated names of some Pokémon like Nidorian, Roaring Moon too look better.

- Copied spawn level ranges from the Current addon to fix some broken levels


Update v1.6.2

- Added growth handling for apricorn trees. Also they will not overlay growth and will test the radius around them.

- If Balls hit the ground they will drop the ball back.

- All stones have been switched from `-stone` to `_stone` to correlate with the updated version

- Added Stripped apricorn logs

- Edited file names for shrines

- You are now given a starter kit when joining for the first time

- Fixed all Pokémon with `-` in there name, like Ho-oh and gender struct Pokémon.


Supported Minecraft versions

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addon muinto bom gostei demais
Daria um 10 se pudesse
Please update it to version 1.20.73 I want to play it but when I do it it takes me out
Can you make the battle mechanics more like cobblemon?
Great addon! Lots of Pokémon, trainers, and a battle system! I'm excited to see if you're going to be adding mega evolution, pokedex, eggs, more moves and bikes. Although, there is one bug I would like to report. Sometimes when catching Pokemon, they disappear out of your party. And when you battle with a missing Pokemon, it softlocks Minecraft . Fix next update?
pls add a download link for mobile version of mcpedl
Pls. Add gym, s
Correct the size of some Pokemons.Which is too short or long as compared to orginal
Please allow all default mobs to spawn (including hostile)so,we can enjoy the basic Minecraft survival game along with Pokemon mod.
this is so stupid and I'm so mad at it and it keep back to home and back this so stupid
there's nothing I think there wrog
It said there are no available files to download this mod
bro when i join it says pack has not finished loading please wait or something like that and then none of the guis work at all the pokemon spawn but it doesnt display theyre name or lvl and none of the custom commands work iether like come on dude why does this always happen to me ive waited for like half a year for it to update and it doesnt even work even though i turns on all expirements even the 1.21 stuff and mod stuff like dude this is ruined for me
can someone help me fix this?
Download latest version of Minecraft 1.20.72.
yoo the mod has a resource pack but needs a behavior pack in 1.20. 60+