Published on February 13, 2020

Magistral Pack Bedrock Edition (DLC PRC) Resource Pack

This resource pack was created for the construction (or reconstruction of existing roads). It includes many tools for:

-Road construction (various options for road surface and markings, as well as ways to overlay them);

-Road signs (some can be pre-imposed sign with the direction) and traffic lights (sorry, do not work);

-Auxiliary blocks for roads and other structures (for example, bridges or lights);

-Road fences;

-Magistral_Pack_Road_Signs Creator Kit, allows you to create your own road signs.

But at the same time the resource pack keeps the classic world of Minecraft familiar to us.

If you have any questions, you can write here or join the Discord group:

Download and make new roads.



  • MagistralPack-BedrockEdition(DLC PRC).mcpack
  • Mediafire

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I want the link for pocket edition
Can you do a US one? Some signs look similar but not completely.
Nice :D but It will be BETTER to be used as an Addon with new blocks, than a resource pack that replace vanilla textures