Published on February 02, 2023 (Updated on February 26, 2023)

MajorMaker's More Monster Addon V1.1.1 Beta

Can You Survive With Over 200 Monsters? You Will Have A Lot of OP Items And Weapons. Let You Help To Beat The Game. OP Items Have Swords, Armor, Guns, Or Pickaxes.

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What Is New:

We Are Improved Addon Datas. I Wish You Play More Fun!


Fire Bomb [Unlike Bomb. It Will Spit Out Fire]

Spider Jockey Skeleton

Shulker Craftee

Zombie Armored Ruby Enchanted

Super Creeper, Ultra Creeper, Ultimate Creeper

Arrow Shooter Creeper

Crossbow Zombie (Beta)

Lightning Bow

Lightning Skeleton


Zombie Apocalypse Now Has an Alert When Spawned

Bazooka Weapons Become Weak

Command Block Zombie Now Have New Command To Summon

Pro Zombies, Pro Skeletons Will Spawn Their Minions Every 10 Seconds

Gamer Zombie Spawn Amount Decresed


Turrets Does Not Lose When Placed

Ruby Sword Look Like Item

Command Block Zombie's Dropping Zombie Does Not Work

Level Pistol Does Not Deal More Damage


V1.1.2 Will Release Later March of 2023


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The New Update Will be Release Later in April!
The New Update Will be Release Later in April!
Nice addon! Although, it is a bit rough. Then again, there is always room for improvements, can't wait for more updates on this addon!