Published on January 23, 2022 (Updated on January 03, 2023)

Mythological Craft Addon v2.2 (Medusa Update!)

Can you imagine playing this game with cyclops, ogres, giants, centaurs, minotaurs and more mystical creatures?  now is the time to find out how it will be, download this addon and face bosses, tame beasts, and explore a world with more items and new dungeons waiting to be explored

This addon does not use player.json, and is compatible with any addon, including mythology addons.

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- No longer need to download avast to download the addon

- Fixed addon links

- Add Medusa

- Genie structure moved to the desert

- Added sounds for all mobs

- Many new structures

- Texture improvements for other items

- More opening possibilities of pandora box


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If you are playing on your cell phone, the items are not showing "THIS IS A BUG", I intend to correct it in the next version, and make a parity in the generation of structures as well
when I go to the structures it says upd game and the mobs and bosses are invisible
I hope you can add music when we near bosses that make fight become more perfect and 🔥🔥 😁😁
Is a awesome addon but there’s thing I don’t have that you showed and Minotaur don’t exist so can tame nothing because most the creatures, to tame need the meat
El juego satura mucho mi celular, ¿no aparecen muchos mobs juntos? y me encantaria que la receta para los servidores funcione en la nueva actualizacion.
This addon It is the best q I have tried I love the amount of details that has very well optimized and done is a great adventure 6 I love Pandora's box hajja with so many possible results the only problem I see is that sometimes many extructurss appear together and in strange places of rest is perfect much grace for this addon
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Addon no updated
Best Addon,I hope you can improve the cyclop model it is good but with an improve it will be awesome and also if you can add another monsters like:
Maybe a Dragon?
Or a Troll, Cockatrice
Those mobs will make your addon the best addon in mcpel
+ Also i have a bug when i add your addon with multiple addons that use Structures,Some of your Structures start to summon commonly like it should be rare to make the player get excited to find
the reason probably why people say it does not work in realms is probably because a recipe error. I tried using this addon on my bedrock dedicated server and on content logging. There are a lots of error about the recipe.

To reproduce the bug just create a world in bedrock client. apply the behavior pack and resource pack in client, enable experimental etc. export the world. Extract the mcpack. Put it inside the bedrock dedicated server folder into their respective folders.

You can see that the mod is partially working. There are bosses and creatures. 2 trophy items can be seen on Creative Mode inventory, while the rest of the items are missing, hence why people say there are no loots from bosses.

The recipe are somehow missing when you upload it in a bedrock dedicated server or realms.
It is undoubtedly the best addon for dungeons, bosses, mobs, legendary weapons, etc. that I have seen for Minecraft bedrock. I hope they keep working on this addon because it is the best of all. but I would really like it to work in realms or servera since at the moment it does not work well, the structures with the enemies appear but when killing the enemies they do not drop their corresponding items
Hola creador, es un excelente complemento.
Las estructuras loot y armas funcionan de maravilla.
Sin embargo me gustaría comentar; hay un error en el que ciertas zonas de mi mundo que los bloques no se pican y cualquier mob que entre se queda paralizado sin moverse ni recibir daño.
De echo visite muchos templos del genio y dentro de esta misma zona hay partes donde está el oro no se puede picar
Creator can you adjust the damage of fire spirit and add the duration when the fire spirit will be explode they are so many advantages like it so small and hard to hit because i play in Mobile and there are 2 of them will explode to exact time and adjust the speed.. but i think you only adjust the speed and add the duration will explode
already done, for the next update, thanks for the suggestion
addon Nota Mais Do que 10, a imersão no jogo feita graças às estruturas e bosses, ótimo pra jogar multiplayer, só houve 1 coisa q me incomodou, que foi ter itens ou estrutura de mobs que não tem na addon, como o castelo de hades e o raio de zeus, minha sugestão é essa, adicionar estes bosses.
How do i download