Published on January 23, 2022 (Updated on January 22, 2022)

Mythological Craft Addon v1.0

Mythological Craft is an addon that will add bosses with their respective drops and trophies, each one with a special item and its different effects, not to mention the mobs, blocks and structures, where each thing has its function and objective to be in the addon This addon doesn't use player.json so it will probably be compatible with almost all addons, I don't know until what version it stops working but it has to be a recent one, but I also don't know if it works in betas, so you could tell me yourself if in some version it stops working, it would help a lot

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-New link of the linkvertise

-3 Bosses & 2 Mobs

-9 Items and blocks

-Most structures


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Great mod. I’m not finding the weapons/equipment, though. Any help?
well, you have to activate some experimental options, if you have already done that it may be your minecraft version, (1.18 official), or it may have been an import error that is more difficult
ton addon est super bien disingnerest bien remplis je vais faire un showcase de ton addon
Que innovador, me encantan las estructuras y los Mobs
gracias por el cumplido, me alegro
No esta nada mala, tal vez un pequeño cambio a algunas texturas, pero se ve bastante mejor de lo que esperaba