Published on January 23, 2022 (Updated on February 04, 2024)

Mythological Craft Addon v2.5.3 (Structures fixed!)

Can you imagine playing this game with dragons, cyclops, ogres, giants, centaurs, minotaurs and more mystical creatures?  now is the time to find out how it will be, download this addon and capture dragon eggs, face bosses, tame beasts, and explore a world with more items and new dungeons waiting to be explored

This addon does not use player.json, and is compatible with ANY addon, including mythology addons.

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-non-pushable dragon eggs
-genie lamp hides captured mob
-genie lamp does not capture bosses
-trident no longer crashes the game
- minotaur sword has an accurate translation
-rarest boss structures
-rarest ice ravine
-damage of all mobs optimized
-stage 5 tamed dragons drop stage 5 skulls


- baby dragons grow to stage 5 so they can be ridden now
- translation has been added for all items
- added Spanish translation



- Delay for large structures to appear removed (may lag for a few seconds)
- Cyclops appears again in its structure
- Pandora box is no longer empty


- New:

- Added ice dragon
- Added fire dragon
- added ice spirit
- added 4 armors for griffins and dragons
- added ice and fire tools
- added griffin and dragon command wands
- added centaur skulls, giants and dragons stages 1 to 5
- added achievements for all recipes as well as java

- Structures:

- all structures that had been broken in the new update appear again as before
- most structures made rarer, especially boss ones
- reworked ogre and golem structure
- ogre lair now appears in swamps and mangroves
- added ravine of fire dragons in the desert
- added ice dragon ravine in snowy biomes
- added dragon ruins around the map

- Mobs:

- fixed bug of cerberus roaring infinitely when tamed
- Fixed bug with the Cyclops not setting the ground on fire
- fixed bug where medusa did not petrify the player
- goblin and bride spirit return to light up the environment
- goblin returns to mining everything it sees after being tamed
- to put the saddle on the griffin you need to interact with it now
- now when the player dies there is a 1/3 chance of death appearing at the location
- death is weaker and slower, and it is rarer to obtain his scythe
- giant turtle and bear when sealed now swim, going in the direction the player looks
- Chiron and centaurs no longer face each other

- Items:

- all items that were broken in the new update work as before
- eggs can be pushed and take longer to hatch
- now just interact with the skulls and eggs to acquire them
- more items have a 3d appearance now
- recipes for some items have been changed
- added iron, gold, diamond and netherite armor for dragons and griffins
- tridents and spears shoot again
- genie lamp fixed, and now places the captured mob on the block where the player places it
- hades bident once again invokes death
- hades helmet and portal orb work again
- food no longer crashes the game
- foods give the effects they should
- optimization on mobs loots
- optimization in pandora box difficulty


- Fixed the bug of items not appearing on cell phones or servers/realms


- Changed the texture of old items, added repair for some armor and tools, and parity in item durability and special attacks
- New (gods items) and functions, and changed recipes
- Some items have 3d look now
- Pandora box can give items from the gods, and rare tools, and many new possibilities
- New portal teleport system using mantle of hades, and portal orb
- New system of flight, attack, griffin taming and egg hatching
- New goblin mining system, and sharing the ores with the player (using the goblin control wand)
- improvements to boss fights and creature attacks
- Some mobs eyes glow
- Cyclops structure now appears in lava oceans correctly
- Parities in the generation of all structures
- Boss attacks no longer destroy items
- Correções de bugs e paridade em muitas áreas diferentes do complemento e mais alterações


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Pinned comment
The bug of items not appearing on cell phones, server/realms has been fixed, in a few days the new version will be released with the corrected error
When do they update it again for 1.20.70?
cuando lo vuelven a actualizar para la 1.20.70 o más?
Can you make structures self-destruct after lotear or boss kills? It is to avoid Lag and can stop spawn ghost ?
Flying a dragon is bugged, if you try flying down the dragon will lose it slow falling effect very quickly and when that happens you need to wait until you hit the ground in order for the dragon to fly back up making it pretty much impossible to fly down without falling out of the sky. Also you can't shoot fire balls when riding a dragon with or without the dragon controller (the dragon controller being made out of the skull of another dragon is kind of a silly idea anyway).
how to find golden seeds ?
Addon_iago Such an Impressive Addon - Love all the work you have put in on the Animations and Interactions between Creatures - Showcase Video Done on my Channel for the Creatures Leading Viewers to this Page - Great Work and Kepp it Going!
could you make seperate mods for the fantasy mobs like the dragon and griphon, i want to add them to a world but dont want the structures or bosses
Cringe949494838383 April 09, 2024 at 9:57 pm
i absolutely loved this mod it's amazing this is the only mod that get me excited about playing mc again although it's still have some problems. this mod would have even better if it have a last boss you can fight like fighting 1 greek god as a boss that can actually kill you even in pro4 armor
the dragons no fireing ( i don t speak english)
Update to 1.20.70+ please
ah great addon really haven't found anything wrong besides the tamed mobs not attacking while mounted but still great travel and battle buddies non the less
atualiza porfavor
atualize please
how to get genie lamp???
no files attached