MCBC World Download Pt.2

Play through some of the MCBC Gamemodes as seen during the Live Event in a practice setting! Battle Royale and Gladiators are both here and ready for you to play alongside at least one other friend!

MCBC (Minecraft Bedrock Championship) is a Minecraft Tournament on the Bedrock platform where content creators square off in a series of Mini games to take home the crown and win glory and gloating rights.

In this world download we wanted players to get the chance to play some of our PvP based gamemodes, but not just that. We modified these modes so that you the player, would have more to do and would get the chance to play these modes in more of a practice setting. Unlike the first World Download however both of these gamemodes will require a minimum of 2 players in the game to play, with no real cap to the amount of players you can have playing these games. Explore our lobby and jam out to original music by MattIsHere! Try to complete our Sans inspired Parkour level, or run our Lobby Rift Race track! We also have connect 4 & Tic Tac Toe if you so choose to play that with a friend!


Gladiators- With a fully customizable kit system, choose whatever weapons and forms your teams with your friends as you duel in either of our two hand built arenas! Gladiators is a perfect spot for anyone who wants to learn simple PvP & just hop in and play against some friends.

Battle Royale- The classic MCBC Gamemode, the oldest mode built and the one that has probably gone through the most changes over the year is finally here for players to explore and play to there hearts content! Battle Royale is simple, drop in, loot up and kill everyone in your path! Avoid the Zone System and keep in mind of the unique ability tokens in the loot table. For this Download we also added Ender Pearls back into the loot table so go nuts with those!

Also, we worked in this download to pair with Sammster 10's Teams Addon, Basically this addon makes it so anyone on your team cannot hit one another, we reccomend this if your playing Gladiators with more then 2 people, or if you want premade teams in Battle Royale (only draw back is splash health pots don't work) If you wish to install it aswell we've linked Sammster's YouTube Video on the addon here: 


Select version for changelog:


Changed some of the descriptions to be more unique and less like the first World Download's Link


Simply download the file off of the Google Drive and Click on it to open your Minecraft, the level should import from there and all should be working. If the Music/Texture pack are not enabled it really is needed for the custom music (map is still playable without it) but you may need to simply go to the world settings and enable the pack (you would have already downloaded the pack on the drive download it may not be auto put on your save however)

If you have any further issues, join the MCBC Discord and someone can help you there Discord Link:

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This is one of the only good maps that has a working Battle Royale, thank you for creating this!
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thank you so much, happy to hear your enjoying the map :)
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