Published on October 12, 2021 (Updated on October 13, 2021)

Legit Survival: Spooky Mansion

STORY: Long ago, a common villager known as The Elder built a giant mansion here, with dreams of growing a new city around a wild theme park. In the process, he and his crew became entangled with a local witch coven, who eventually cursed the property, dooming it to monstrous chaos. These days, the area is a vacation attraction for Halloween thrill-seekers! 🎃

You’re in survival mode, of course, and night has fallen. Take the (mostly) secure high road and get yourself to Base One, where you and a friend can load up with diamond armor, devastating bows, fortune picks, and a lot more. Now you’re ready to tackle the extra-dark monster-filled hallways of the Spooky Mansion! 



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I’m just wondering does this include that coastal village and if so where?
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