Published on April 28, 2021

Mecha Shark Addon

Another Problem again So we see that Mecha Creeper Is Strong right?.The Mecha Creeper Corporation (MCC) Has Created They Created Mecha Shark That will kill everything in the Water Like Guardians, Fishes,etc

Go Save the fishes from Mecha Shark 

This Mecha will only survive in water not in the land because he design for under water not for ground they only Created this to kill everything in the sea

Creator Inwardwolf61415

Youtube Inwardwolf addon Creator

How Does it Works?

Once again you can only find the spawn egg in your inventory in creative mode because he doesn't replace anything

See he is big right?

He will never move he will only stay were he puts

Ones you put him in the underwater he will stay he will never float if you want him to go to above just hit him 

He will shoots missiles at fishes and guardians even Villagers Player snow golem and Irongolems

He will also Attack dolphins


  • Health 5000
  • It doesn't replace anything
  • Has an own spawn egg
  • Damage high 
  • Water mob
  • Cannot


Click Here to download

Go to your Minecraft

Wait until the successfully imported Show

Then Create new world

Apply both resources and behaviors

Then play


  • Mecha_Shark_Addon_Fixed_1619340285733.mcaddon (632.93 KB)

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