Mega House - Garden

Mega House - Garden. Typical parkour map. Your goal is to get out of the mega house. Long and demanding parkour is set in a huge house. The map will provide a lot of gameplay.


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Better main lobby:

  • Main lobby (All the rules of the game are included in the book)
  • Main inscription (Main caption removed. More transparent lobby)

Bug fixes:

  • Map lighting (Correct lighting of the map. The map is now clearer)



  • MegaHouse.mcworld (570.48 KB)

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pls stop putting that bold guy in tracksuit trousers on the cover of all of your maps its just weird
Guest-5484972567 May 25, 2020 at 8:33 am
Great Parkour Map! Also, What did you use to make those thumbnails? I wanna know
Or use light block /give @p light_block 1 15
Guest-3425174727 May 03, 2020 at 3:33 am
A really nice map. A bit dark, but I understand that it was hard to light. I look forward to the next parts. It gives 5 stars of course
Thanks, so unfortunately I had a problem with lighting.
I wanted the map to have its own atmosphere of mystery. Of course, new parts coming soon :D.