Published on March 31, 2017 (Updated on April 01, 2020)

Mega Skyblock [Survival]

Mega Skyblock is a little bit different from the ordinary skyblock survival challenge as it includes 41+ different islands which the player is required to go out and explore in order to complete the map. Each island is supposed to symbolize a biome or theme and will provide you with new materials you can use to survive.

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>Redsigned the entire Mappage to celebrate Mega Skyblock's 3rd Birthday.


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If the download link were something like linkvertise, i would gladly support you, this is a great map, but i refuse to go through adfly
I remember this map, I was playing this map in 2019.
I finally found this map again
Thank you for making my childhood.
I can download it
Will this work on newer mc version?
A great map! Will there be future updates?
Amazing! Gave me hours of fun! Went to every island and got every music disc and special lore book! Quite fun!
Hi yes i love this world
But can you tell me why only 6.4v is the one showing up when i download it?
Hey I downloaded it on media fire and it does not give me the world. Its a picture instead but when I download the zip file it has everything in it so I rename it .mcworld and it goes back to a picture please tell me how to fix it or give me a different download. Responde back asap because I want to play it with mt brother
Sir I am a big fan of this skyblock I really love to play skyblock maps but this was my favourite I mean this is still my favourite but the whenever I make a nether portal i travel to nether and when I come back I find myself in another location so please fix that and please add a lobby and currency system like the hypixel skyblock I hope you won't disappoint me.
Thank You
Hello! Yes, the nether isn't exactly functional. It is high on my priority list though, since its a regular and expected feature I will get it finished. I'm not too fond of having a lobby feels too server-ish, I will experiment though, I might change my mind. Now, for the currency system. There is one in the works and will be shipped in the next update. You will have individual "currency" and phycial currency that you can trade with friends and in shops.
how do you get the elytra? i have searched all the islands and noothing other than that great map
If I remember I removed it because it was affecting gameplay elements at the time. I'm not sure if I added it back. The usual place I would put that is in the End Island. It doesn't affect gameplay anymore, so, if it's not there I will add it in for v6.5.
Guest-4899262315 May 30, 2020 at 8:04 am
hey TGC, Can I remove the texture pack? I can't remove it. I already disabled it and its the same. I hate it because theres no sun or moon an the sky. I want the default minecraft texture pack
Hello, thanks for contacting me. You can disable it from the world settings itself instead of changing it from global settings. If that doesn't work then go into the map files itself and remove the resource files.