Published on January 19, 2022 (Updated on May 06, 2022)

Milk Shader

MSPE or Milk Shader is a shader that enhances Minecraft's original graphics by adding the realism without ruining the vanilla feel in the aesthetics and atmosphere of the game.

This shader was created & targeted for potato device users so that it can be widely used by the community from low devices to even high end devices!

Milk Shader is a shaders that offers milky smooth world coloring and adds realistic features with Minecraft vanilla references!

After you try this shader, I guaranteed that your eyes will be spoiled by the softness of the color in each blocks. And you may make this Milk Shader as Minecraft's default shader!


By adding realistic features with more references to vanilla, your previously dull and ordinary world can now be even more enhanced and looks more atmospheric!


Don't worry, this shader is not an FPS-eating type like other shaders!  This shader has been proven (by YouTuber shader reviewers) to be very FPS friendly so it doesn't interfere with your agility in fighting monsters & parkouring!


(If indeed your Minecraft has been lagging without shaders (by default it has lagged), you are NOT recommended to use any Minecraft shaders!)


Some Screenshots :)






Sunset / Sunrise




Turn up your brightness for better effects!







Preview Videos:

YouTube: ZeroCraft (Author)


YouTube: Mohd Rifan A90


YouTube: Danendraaa



Tested Devices:

Xiaomi Mi A2
(Snapdragon 660 || Adreno 512)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X
(Snapdragon 625 || Adreno 506)

Xiaomi Redmi 9
(Mediatek Helio G80 || Mali G52)

Advan X7 Plus
(Mediatek MT8321M || Mali 400MP)

These device has been tested running Minecraft with Milk Shader and the results are amazingly smooth. there's no such thing as bugs or glitches going on.

If the Milk Shader on your Minecraft is bugged, it means that your phone is allergic to the original version :|


You can use the Soya version of the shader! (An alternative version especially for PowerVR)



What is Soya Edition on Milk Shader?

The Soya Edition in Milk Shader is the trimmed version a.k.a "lite" version of the original Milk Shader and is specifically for smartphones that use PowerVR GPUs.

Don't worry, the trimmed feature doesn't make the shader looks like a low version in a realistic shader! It feels almost no difference like the Newb Shader and the Newb Shader Lite Edition!


What are the removed features?

  • Check what features are removed in the CHANGELOG file!


(Keep in mind that this Soya version is still a concept version. At some point this version may disappear from earth surface for some reason.)



What is the difference between v0.5 and v0.5.5?


In short, v0.5.5 is a more optimized version than v0.5, nothing is changed except bug fixes and optimized features.


Watch the video for more information!


From version 0.5 update to version 0.5.5 is it worth it?


The answer is very much worth it. because version 0.5 has an annoying bug where when you finish opening the ui or inventory, the rain effect will appear suddenly.


And don't forget the little features added in version 0.5.5 that make Milk Shader even better!


ᴍɪʟᴋ sʜᴀᴅᴇʀ ᴍᴀᴅᴇ ʙʏ ᴢᴇʀᴏᴄʀᴀғᴛ

Select version for changelog:


v0.5.5 Update

  • New "Rain Code" Logic for MCPE 1.16.200+
  • Fixed a bug if you open the inventory; a sudden rain effect appears.
  • The wheat (a.k.a all crops) is now swaying in the wind!
  • Improve better "wave" animation for greens & crops!
  • All mobs / entity now wet due to rain!


  • Support all smartphones
  • Support all MCPE version
  • Glowing ore may only apply in versions 1.17 up to 1.18
  • Doesn't support Windows/RenderDragon Engine version
  • PowerVR may bug on the original version
  • Doesn't support MCPE 1.18.30/31


If you want to review or showcase this shader:



Use this link instead if you want to share it or reviewing on your YouTube channel:


Blogspot link. Not the MCPEDL link!!




Currently, v0.5.5 Is The Latest.


  • In The Description Above (148.27 KB)

Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

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kwisatz haderach May 09, 2022 at 6:03 am
gonna clarify this before people start spamming complaints about this not working: shaders no longer work on all mobile devices from 1.18.30+, and don't work on win10 from 1.16.200+.
Hey bro, made one for ya, hope you liked my video
If the link wont appear, just go to my channel in my pfp
Pls check it out. Im a big fan of your shader and I decided to make a vid about it. It took 2 hours to make it
Why that RP isn't work on MCPE ?
Cool shader, I wanna make some video about this just for fun lol
But pls update it to 1.18.31 so I can make it
Hello I’m on a iPhone XR and my Minecraft is up to date why is it not working?!!
Because minecraft 1.18.30+ is using renderdragon which almost make all shader no longer work
Wdym almost?
All the past shader doesn't work
But some creator manage to create a shader under the renderdragon engine i think i saw 2 rednder dragon shaders so far
Liked your shaders, Ill try to make some cinematic shots with this if I can lol. If I did, Ill just say it to you. Btw 10/10 and the this you said that it is targeted for potadevices.
This will work on render dragon?
Will there be support for 1.18.32 soon? On the render dragon
Not unless mojang adds support, they just need to hope they do (plus if they do shaders will be even better)
kwisatz haderach May 09, 2022 at 6:03 am
gonna clarify this before people start spamming complaints about this not working: shaders no longer work on all mobile devices from 1.18.30+, and don't work on win10 from 1.16.200+.
Yes, the new way they render the game (render dragon) unfortunately removes 3rd party shader support, plus it has way too many rendering and fps bugs -_-
Do this shader not compatible for low end phones?
It dont work anymore renderdragon has tooken over the all devices
Say no more, i like it
You should add a lil wind at the grass and crops but not at the water cuz it'll blow up our device🌚
can you make the water more visible?, i really like your work except the water.